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Improving Service Quality in the Global Economy: Achieving High Performance in Public and Private Sectors, Second Edition

2nd Edition

Michael Milakovich
August 03, 2005

Within American service sector organizations there exists a gap between understanding customer service quality improvement (QI) theories and applying them. Improving Service Quality in the Global Economy: Achieving High Performance in Public and Private Sectors, Second Edition fills that gap by...

Nonproliferation Issues For Weapons of Mass Destruction

1st Edition

Mark A. Prelas, Michael Peck
January 12, 2005

Nonproliferation Issues for Weapons of Mass Destruction provides an understanding of WMD proliferation risks by bridging complex technical and political issues. The text begins by defining the world conditions that foster proliferation, followed by an analysis of characteristics of various classes...

International Public Policy and Management

1st Edition

David Levi-Faur, Eran Vigoda-Gadot
November 30, 2004

An impressive study of economic, state, social, and international restructuring, International Public Policy and Management explores new patterns and advances in the global integration of policies that result from an ever-increasing pace of shared knowledge, regulations, and norms in countries...

Public Productivity Handbook

2nd Edition

Marc Holzer
February 20, 2004

Anyone hoping to improve teamwork, performance, and budgeting, training, and evaluation programs in their organization should look no further. Completely revised, Public Productivity Handbook, Second Edition defines the role of leadership, dimensions of employee commitment, and multiple...

Chaos Organization and Disaster Management

1st Edition

Alan Kirschenbaum
November 18, 2003

Chaos Organization and Disaster Management offers a scholarly survey of disaster response behavior and management in the face of natural and manmade catastrophe. The author provides a methodological and empirical platform from which to initiate a critical analysis of disaster management. Sparked by...

Healthcare Management Dictionary

1st Edition

Annie Phillips
June 30, 2003

This eagerly awaited new edition has been updated and expanded and contains new material on assessing Personal Development Plans (PDPs). It provides a framework for general practitioners to demonstrate they have engaged in appropriate educational activity essential for revalidation. The author...

Slippery Math In Public Affairs: Price Tag And Defense

1st Edition

William J. Adams
August 02, 2002

Highlighting how slippery numbers and questionable mathematical conclusions emerge and what can be done to safeguard against them, this book examines flawed usage of math in public affairs through actual cases of how mathematical data and conclusions can be distorted and misrepresented to influence...

GIS, Organisations and People: A Socio-technical Approach

1st Edition

James Petch, Derek E. Reeve
January 31, 1999

GIS projects have previously been viewed primarily as technical exercises, but it is now evident that the success of GIS projects depends as much on organisational issues as upon technicalities. GIS projects have profound socio-organisational contexts which must be taken into account if such...

Integrating Sustainable Agriculture, Ecology, and Environmental Policy

1st Edition

Raymond P Poincelot, Richard Olson
December 29, 1992

Find an interdiscliplinary view of sustainable agriculture that emphasizes the potential contributions of ecology to agricultural sustainability in this groundbreaking book. Integrating Sustainable Agriculture, Ecology, and Environmental Policy explores how ecological knowledge, applied as part of...

Ethics for Bureaucrats: An Essay on Law and Values, Second Edition

2nd Edition

John Rohr
December 08, 1988

This important text integrates the study of ethics into public management training, highlighting Supreme Court opinions on three specific constitutional values-equality, freedom, and property-focusing on the pedagogical aspects of law and posing challenging questions to help readers apply theories...

Metropolitan Transportation Planning

2nd Edition

John W. Dickey
June 01, 1983

This book concentrates on a transportation planning process, and focuses on transportation problems. It emphasizes the planning process, identification of problems and goals, data collection, and solution implementation....