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Public Corruption: Regional and National Perspectives on Procurement Fraud

1st Edition

Petter Gottschalk, Perry Stanislas
January 17, 2017

This volume presents the latest scholarly research on the practice of public corruption. The authors explore the causes and methods of fraud-related crime, as well as how it can be detected. The book also investigates the best strategies to prevent corruption, as well as convention...

Inflation Targeting and Policy Rules: The Case of Mexico, 2001–2012

1st Edition

Oscar R. Medina, Elias A. Laguna
March 24, 2016

Inflation Targeting and Policy Rules is an essential book for understanding how Mexico’s monetary policy has been evolving and functioning, from the beginning of the century to recent, highlighting the doctrine of policy rules and focusing on inflation targeting, both fundamental elements necessary...

The Private Sector's Role in Disasters: Leveraging the Private Sector in Emergency Management

1st Edition

Alessandra Jerolleman, John J. Kiefer, Ph.D.
October 05, 2015

This book examines the role of the private sector in emergency management and how that role is changing through private sector intersections with government, government agencies, and the public sectors in all phases of emergency management. It particularly focuses on the areas in which government...

Economic and Financial Analysis for Criminal Justice Organizations

1st Edition

Daniel Adrian Doss, William H. Sumrall III, David H. McElreath, Don W. Jones
October 28, 2013

From small law offices to federal agencies, all entities within the justice system are governed by complicated economic factors and face daily financial decision-making. A complement to Strategic Finance for Criminal Justice Organizations, this volume considers the justice system from a variety of...

Private Sector Involvement in Urban Solid Waste Collection: UNESCO-IHE PhD Thesis

1st Edition

Sampson Oduro-Kwarteng
September 28, 2011

The private sector involvement in public service is intended to achieve efficiency gain and better service quality through increasing private sector finance and expertise. However, these benefits are most often not achieved in developing countries due to investment risk of private finance, and...