Polymer Science

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New Polymeric Materials: Reactive Processing and Physical Properties

1st Edition

Martuscelli, Marchetta
December 01, 1987

The development of new polymeric materials has caused a considerable expansion in the field of reactive processing. These new materials are very competitive compared to the traditional ones with respect to production costs and performance. The reports published in this volume present the recent...

High Modulus Polymers: Approaches to Design and Development

1st Edition

October 27, 1987


Polymer Mixing and Extrusion Technology

1st Edition

Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff
August 28, 1987

Addressing the two major unit operations-mixing and extrusion-fundamental toprocessing elastomers and plastic materials, this reference summarizes design equationsthat can be employed effectively in scaling up product performance parameters, andcontains a thorough survey of rheological principles....

Injection and Compression Molding Fundamentals

1st Edition

June 29, 1987

This outstanding reference presents an up-to-date account of investigations during the last10 years in the area of injection and compression molding of polymers.Injection and Compression Molding Fundamentals considers simulation andexperimentation of flow dynamics in the cavity and delivery system...

Encyclopedia of PVC: Resin Manufacture and Properties - Volume 1 of 4 (Print)

2nd Edition

Leonard I. Nass, Charles A. Heiberger
February 21, 1986

"Volume 1 of this outstanding resource concentrates on safety and environmental concerns in the manufacture and use of resins, and thoroughly discusses theories of degradation, plasticization, solvation, and stabilization. "...

Structural Foam: A Purchasing and Design Guide

1st Edition

Bruce Wendle
March 27, 1985


Engineering with Rigid PVC: Processability and Applications

1st Edition

I. Luis Gomez
October 31, 1984

This comprehensive, long-needed reference provides the thorough understanding required tomodify and manipulate rigid PVC's thermal/shear sensitivity and rheological properties, helpingyou utilize rigid PVC most effectively in manufacturing applications as diverse as pipes,house siding, bottles ,...

Fiber Technology: From Film to Fiber

1st Edition

Hans A. Krassig
July 25, 1984


Handbook of Fiber Science and Technology: Volume 1: Chemical Processing of Fibers and Fabrics - Fundamentals and Preparation Part B

1st Edition

Menachem Lewin, Stephen B. Sello
June 01, 1984

Continuing the outstanding coverage from Part A, the authoritative information inFundamentals and Preparation, Part B rounds out the first comprehensive treatise onchemical processing of textiles. A systematic, single-source treatment of key topics inthe field, this state-of-the-art work introduces...

Handbook of Fiber Science and Technology Volume 2: Chemical Processing of Fibers and Fabrics-- Functional Finishes Part B

1st Edition

Menachem Lewin
April 03, 1984

Continuing the outstanding coverage from Part A, the authoritative information inFunctional Finishes, Part B makes your work with fibers and fabrics cost-effective ...offers practical guidance in finishing techniques-including flame retardancy, water andoil repellency, soil release,...