Polymer Science

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Handbook of Fiber Science and Technology Volume 2: Chemical Processing of Fibers and Fabrics-- Functional Finishes Part B

1st Edition

Menachem Lewin
April 03, 1984

Continuing the outstanding coverage from Part A, the authoritative information inFunctional Finishes, Part B makes your work with fibers and fabrics cost-effective ...offers practical guidance in finishing techniques-including flame retardancy, water andoil repellency, soil release,...

Plastics Products Design Handbook

1st Edition

December 06, 1983

This book provides information on complexities, peculiarities, and limitations of various molding processes, and the comparative advantages and disadvantages of the possible plastic products manufacturing techniques, to permit an ideal match of good design and processing....

Polymer Interface and Adhesion

1st Edition

March 31, 1982

Poly mer Interface and Adhesion provides the critical basis for further advancement in thisfield. Combining the principles of interfacial science, rheology, stress analysis, and fracturemechanics, the book teaches a new approach to the analysis of long standing problemssuch as: how is the interface...

Surface Characteristics of Fibers and Textiles: Part Ii:

1st Edition

M. J. Schick
April 01, 1977

The extraordinary growth in the production and use of man-made fibers over the past fewdecades has focused attention on the surface properties of fibers and textiles. This volumecombines surface science and technology in its presentation of the substantial progressthat has been made in the...