Polymer Science

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Computational Modeling of Polymers

1st Edition

Jozef Bicerano
March 17, 1992


Numerical Methods in Industrial Forming Processes

1st Edition

J.-L. Chenot, R.D. Wood, O.C. Zienkiewicz
January 01, 1992

A collection of papers on numerical or physical problems relating to numerical method in industrial forming processes. It also presents examples of computer code simulation of specific processes, such as rolling, extrusion, sheet forming, polymer forming, and processing for other materials....

Polymer Concretes and Their Structural Uses: Russian Translations Series volume 91

1st Edition

P. Kreis, K.V. Mikhailov, V.V. Paturoev
January 01, 1992

General information & classification of polymer concretes; Characteristic features of the materials used; Theory of structure formation using polymer concretes & physical & chemical principles in formulating their compositions; Physical & mechanical properties of polymer concretes;...

Polymer Networks '91

1st Edition

Kuchanov, Dusek
January 01, 1992

This book contains the plenary lectures from international experts, which were presented during the International Conference Polymer Networks, held in Moscow, April 1991. The book covers different areas of physics and chemistry of polymer networks, generated by the formation of chemical bonds....


1st Edition

Gennady Zaikov, Bochkov, Afanasiev
December 01, 1991

Carbohydrates, or sugars, form an extensive class of natural organic compounds that constitute the major fraction of the organic substance on our planet. Carbohydrates are found in many fields of research, from fundamental study of living, objects and problems of organic chemistry to applied fields...

Proton & Carbon NMR Spectra of Polymers

1st Edition

October 10, 1991

Proton and Carbon NMR Spectra of Polymers is an updated, consolidated volume featuring the spectra published in three previous volumes, plus 150 newly derived spectra. It contains 458 NMR spectra with associated analytical notes covering acrylics, amides, dienes, ethers, olefins, siloxins,...

Analysis for Design of Fiber Reinforced Plastic Vessels

1st Edition

Suong V. Hoa
September 30, 1991

This book aims to utilize the principles that have been developed for composite materials in the aircraft industry and apply these principles for the analysis for design of fiber reinforced plastic vessels and piping in the chemical processing industry....

Advances in Interpenetrating Polymer Networks, Volume III

1st Edition

Kurt C. Frisch, Daniel Klempner
June 21, 1991


Emulsion Polymer Technology

2nd Edition

Robert D. Athey
March 01, 1991

An explanation for engineers and chemists working in such industries as paper, paint, and textiles, of the operating mechanisms involved in the physics and chemistry of polymers and colloids as they apply to emulsion polymer manufacture and use. Outlines the various available materials, how they are...

Science and Applications of Conducting Polymers, Papers from the Sixth European Industrial Workshop

1st Edition

February 01, 1991

Science and Applications of Conducting Polymers emphasizes potential industrial applications of conducting polymers. The papers presented discuss the basic physics and chemistry of conducting polymers, followed by an in-depth examination of applications. The book is ideal for researchers in polymer...

Lactam-based Polyamides, Volume I: Polymerization Structure

1st Edition

Rudolf Puffr, Vladimir Kubanek
January 03, 1991

This two-volume work examines general relationships among the structures, reactivity, and properties of polyamides important for predictions in such fields as materials science. The team of authors, including polymer research chemists, physicists, and specialists in technology and processing,...

Modeling of the Impact Response of Fibre-Reinforced Composites

1st Edition

Eng Sci Dept/U
January 01, 1991

This book summarises the development of experimental techniques for determining the impact mechanical properties of fibre reinforced epoxy laminates, and the experimental results obtained for the tensile, compressive and interlaminar shear properties of various epoxy laminates....