Polymer Science

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Rubber Compounding: Principles: Materials, and Techniques, Second Edition

2nd Edition

August 03, 1993

This revised and expanded single-source reference analyzes all compounding material classes of dry rubber compounds, such as carbon blacks, platicizers and age resisters, integrating detailed information on how elastomers are built up. The work provides practical compounding tips on how to avoid...

Elastomer Technology Handbook

1st Edition

Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff, Paul N. Cheremisinoff
June 04, 1993

Elastomer Technology Handbook is a major new reference on the science and technology of engineered elastomers. This contributed volume features some of the latest work by international experts in polymer science and rubber technology. Topics covered include theoretical and practical information on...

Immobilization on Polymers

1st Edition

M.I. Shtilman
June 01, 1993


Polyamic Acids and Polyimides: Synthesis, Transformations, and Structure

1st Edition

Michael I. Bessonov, Vladimir A. Zubkov
March 10, 1993

Polyamic Acids and Polyimides surveys significant developments in basic research in the chemistry and physics of polyamic acids and polyimides over the last several years. Traditional and new topics are discussed, including catalytical imidization, chemical reactions at thermal treatment,...

Control of Polymerization Reactors

1st Edition

Joseph Schork
March 09, 1993

This reference and text provides an in-depth description of developments in control techniques and their application to polymerization reactors and offers important introductory background information on polymerization reaction engineering.;Discussing modelling, identification, linear, nonlinear...

Polyurethane Sealants: Technology & Applications

1st Edition

Robert M. Evans
March 01, 1993

Polyurethane sealants are used in many high-volume applications such as construction and automotive. This volume provides an in-depth, illustrated survey of both the technology and applications. The detailed information will be useful to all those involved in the research, development, processing,...

Polyelectrolytes: Science and Technology

1st Edition

Masanori Hara
November 12, 1992

Aims to provide in-depth coverage of recent advances in all important areas of polyelectrolyte research and applications. Topics covered in this text include scaling theory, dynamic light scattering, neutron scattering, biopolymers and ionomers....

Plastic Films: Technology and Packaging Applications

1st Edition

Wilmer A. Jenkins, Kenton R. Osborn
September 25, 1992

This is a complete illustrated guide and reference to today's plastic films for packaging. All significant aspects of plastic films for packaging are clearly and concisely presented: from materials, processes and machinery to applications and regulatory, social and economic considerations. More...

Expanding Monomers: Synthesis, Characterization, and Applications

1st Edition

Rajender Kumar Sadhir, Mr. Russell M. Luck
July 06, 1992

Expanding Monomers: Synthesis, Characterization, and Applications provides a thorough discussion of expanding polymer systems and their potential applications. The scope of the book includes background information on conventional monomers, their polymeric systems, and associated shrinkage problems....

Polymers in Medicine: Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Applications

1st Edition

Emo Chiellini, Raphael M. Ottenbrite
June 13, 1992

The utilization of polymers in medicine has become a reality in the last decade. This book is a concise presentation of the fundamentals, applications, and methods of optimization of polymeric drugs and polymeric drug delivery systems for medicinal purposes. The basic rationale for the use of...

Cyclopolymerization and Cyclocopolymerization

1st Edition

George Butler
June 11, 1992

This broadly-based work gathers the vast bulk of information published on cyclopolymerization since its discovery - including the symmetrical diene counterparts of all classical monomers that can undergo addition polymerization, all unsymmetrical dienes, and cyclopolymerizable monomers such as...

Radiation Chemistry of Polymers

1st Edition

June 01, 1992