Polymer Science

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Melt Crystallization Technology

1st Edition

Tine Arkenbout-de Vroome
May 02, 1995

From the Author's PrefaceThere is a growing demand for ultrapure organic compounds such as fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and basic materials for use in the polymer industry. . . . In quite a number of cases, it is difficult or impossible to manufacture ultrapure organics efficiently using...

Transport Properties in Polymers

1st Edition

Jiri Stastna
March 01, 1995

From the Authors IntroductionDiffusion is one of the few manageable nonequilibrium pro- cesses during which matter is transported through a system. Traditionally, diffusion is studied in physical chemistry; however, the fundamental understanding of diffusion processes is not possible without...

Polymer Biomaterials in Solution, as Interfaces and as Solids: A Festschrift Honoring the 60th Birthday of Dr. Allan S. Hoffman

1st Edition

Stuart Cooper, Bamford, Tsuruta
March 01, 1995

The articles collected in this publication have previously been published in eight special issues of the Journal of Biomaterials Science, Polymer Edition, in honour of Dr. Allan S. Hoffman, who is known as a pioneer, a leader and a mentor in the field of biomaterials. The papers from renowned...

Group Interaction Modelling of Polymer Properties

1st Edition

David Porter
February 08, 1995

Describes a consistent set of relations between the structure of polymers and their commercially important thermal and mechanical properties for engineering applications--facilitating the development of a framework of polymer physics to explore new application areas without prior correlations....

Bubbles in Polymeric Liquids: Dynamics and Heat-Mass Transfer

1st Edition

S.P. Levitsky, Z.P. Shulman
January 09, 1995

From the Authors' PrefaceThe advancements of technology . . . and chemical engineering have brought about extensive use of a wide range of rheologically complex materials, e.g., polymeric solutions and melts, suspensions, mixtures, oil products, fibre-forming substances, etc. that are characterized...

Advances in Polymer Blends and Alloys Technology, Volume V

1st Edition

Kier Finlayson
November 22, 1994

From Reports in Volume 5"Recently polymer blends have emerged as one of the most important areas of research activity in the field of polymer science and technology. Because of their satisfactory performance in meeting specific needs of the polymer industry, they have drawn considerable attention...

Plastics in Automobiles: U.S. Materials, Applications, and Markets

1st Edition

Mel Schlechter
October 24, 1994

This book provides a basic understanding of the major products, technologies, applications, marketing practices and competitive scenario of the plastic automotive business in U.S. It offers current market estimates of the most important polymers broken down by specific automotive application....

Hazardous Chemicals in the Polymer Industry

1st Edition

Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff
October 04, 1994

Provides accurate, up-to-date information on the hazardous properties of several hundred generic and specific polymeric additives used in elastomer and plastics processing operations, detailing the symproms of overexposure as well as resonsible packaging, shipping and emergency-response procedures....

Polymers in Concrete

1st Edition

Satish Chandra, Yoshihiko Ohama
May 05, 1994

This broad-based, introductory reference provides excellent discussions regarding the hydration of Portland cement, durability problems in concrete, mechanisms of concrete deterioration, and interaction of polymers in concrete. It also covers properties of concrete with added polymers and practical...

Interactions of Polymers with Bioactive and Corrosive Media

1st Edition

Gennady Zaikov, Iordanskii, Rudakova
April 01, 1994


Rubber Products Manufacturing Technology

1st Edition

Anil K. Bhowmick
February 15, 1994

Provides authoritative coverage of compounding, mixing, calendering, extrusion, vulcanization, rubber bonding, computer-aided design and manufacturing, automation and control using microprocessors, just-in-time technology and rubber plant waste disposal....

High-Pressure Chemistry and Physics of Polymers

1st Edition

A.L. Kovarskii
February 03, 1994

High-Pressure Chemistry and Physics of Polymers is devoted to covering all areas of high-pressure polymer materials science. Topics addressed include the synthesis of polymers, changes in reactivity, structural transformations, molecular dynamics, relaxation processes, deformational properties,...