Polymer Science

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Macromolecular Design of Polymeric Materials

1st Edition

January 02, 1997

Providing a range of information on polymers and polymerization techniques, this text covers the gamut of polymer science from synthesis, structure and properties to function and applications. It analyzes speciality polymers, including acrylics, fluoropolymers, polysiplanes, polyphosphazenes, and...

Physical Properties of Polymers

1st Edition

A.A. Askadski
December 03, 1996


Polymer Yearbook 13

1st Edition

Richard A. Pethrick, Gennadi Zaikov, Teiji Tsuruta, Naoyuki Koide
October 01, 1996

Polymer Yearbook 13 brings together reviews and information on the progress of polymer science worldwide, including useful and topical information such as a list of new publications in polymer science and a compilation of dissertation abstracts. This volume includes reviews of key aspects of...

Thermoplastic Melt Rheology and Processing

1st Edition

Aroon Shenoy
August 23, 1996

Presents rheological data on a number of polymers, making use of the master curve approach to determine unified curves for each generic type of polymer. The text offers a step-by-step procedure for developing a speadsheet computer program to obtain accurate thermoplastic rheograms at any...

Fundamentals de Ciencia de Polimeros: Un Texto Introductorio

1st Edition

Juan J. Iruin, Maria J. Fernandez-Berridi
August 21, 1996

This is a new, basic introduction to polymer science. It is both comprehensive and readable. The authors are leading educators in this field with extensive backgrounds in industrial and academic polymer research. The text starts with a description of the types of microstructures found in polymer...

Polyimides: Fundamentals and Applications

1st Edition

Malay Ghosh
July 23, 1996

Provides coverage on the full range of topics associated with polyimides, including structure, polymer fundamentals, and product areas. The text addresses both basic and applied aspects of the subject. It details the synthesis of polyimides, polyamideimides, and flourinated polyimides, explains the...

Polymeric Materials Encyclopedia, Twelve Volume Set

1st Edition

Joseph C. Salamone
July 23, 1996

The Polymeric Materials Encyclopedia presents state-of-the-art research and development on the synthesis, properties, and applications of polymeric materials. This groundbreaking work includes the largest number of contributors in the world for a reference publication in polymer science, and...

Advances in Urethane: Science & Technology, Volume XIII

1st Edition

Kurt C. Frisch, Daniel Klempner
May 01, 1996

This book presents the reports on the developments in the field of urethane. It includes information on polyurethane automotive carpet composites, pentane blown polyurethane foams, and applications of polyols derived from renewable resources in polyurethanes and liquid crystalline polyurethanes....

Cationic Polymerizations: Mechanisms, Synthesis & Applications

1st Edition

Krzysztof Matyjaszewski
April 26, 1996

This unified presentation of cationic polymerization discusses initiation, propagation, transfer, and termination in cationic polymerizations of alkenes and heterocycles. It also elucidates the mechanisms of the reactions involved in all carbocationic and ring-opening polymerizations. It is written...

Anionic Polymerization: Principles and Practical Applications

1st Edition

Henry Hsieh, Roderic P. Quirk
March 15, 1996

This work introduces the basic theories and experimental methods of anionic polymerization as well as the synthesis, analysis and characteristics of anionic polymerized products. It details the creation of linear and branched polymers, random and block copolymers, graft and macromonomers, and many...

Polymer Devolatilization

1st Edition

Ramon Albalak
March 14, 1996

This work introduces the fundamental background necessary to understand polymer devolatilization. It elucidates the actual mechanisms by which the devolatilization of polymer melts progresses, and discusses virtually every type of devolatilization equipment available. The work also addresses...

Plasma Surface Modification and Plasma Polymerization

1st Edition

Norihiro Inagaki
March 06, 1996

In current materials R&D, high priority is given to surface modification techniques to achieve improved surface properties for specific applications requirements. Plasma treatment and polymerization are important technologies for this purpose. This book provides a basic and thorough presentation of...