Polymer Science

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Handbook of Polymer Testing: Physical Methods

1st Edition

Roger Brown
January 21, 1999

The Handbook of Polymer Testing: Physical Methods provides virtually currently used techniques for measuring and testing the physical properties of polymers. A concise but detailed technical guide to the physical testing methods of synthetic polymers in plastics, rubbers, cellular materials,...

Frontiers in Biomedical Polymer Applications, Volume II

1st Edition

R Ottenbrite
January 05, 1999

The use of polymers in medicine has become a reality over the last 10 years. Scientists have been attempting to develop biomimetic materials to substitute for flawed or damaged natural systems. This new book presents the most up-to-date developments in the use of synthetic polymers as biomaterials...

Spray Polyurethane Foam in External Envelopes of Buildings

1st Edition

Mark T. Bomberg, Joseph W. Lstiburek
October 07, 1998

Spray Polyurethane Foams in External Envelopes of Buildings presents, for the first time, a book focused on both the theoretical and practical design and applications of spray polyurethane foam (SPF) use. To review the moisture performance of SPF, this book focuses on the design of an assembly...

Recent Advances in Polymer Chemical Physics: Contributions of the Russian Academy of Science

1st Edition

Dunsan C Prevorsek
September 16, 1998

The Institute of Chemical Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences has become one of the world's premiere centers for studies of polymeric materials; in use, during processing, and in harsh environments. The Institute's focus is on commercially available materials and their modifications to...

Concise Polymeric Materials Encyclopedia

1st Edition

Joseph C. Salamone
August 28, 1998

Concise Polymeric Materials Encyclopedia culls the most used, widely applicable articles from the Polymeric Materials Encyclopedia - more than 1,100 - and presents them to you in a condensed, well-ordered format. Featuring contributions from more than 1,800 scientists from all over the world, the...

Advances in Urethane: Science & Technology, Volume XIV

1st Edition

Kurt C. Frisch, Daniel Klempner
August 06, 1998


Engineering with Polymers, 2nd Edition

2nd Edition

P. C. Powell, A. J. Ingen Housz
August 03, 1998

Plastics and rubber materials, or polymers, are increasingly the first choice of engineers when reliable, cost-effective performance and safety are essential. The volume of polymers used in the Western economy now exceeds that of metals, which requires today's engineering students to have a...

Polymer Blends and Polymer Composites

1st Edition

L. Ye
August 01, 1998

Significant progress has been made in many areas of polymer blend and polymer matrix composite science and technology in recent years.This volume comprises a selection of refereed papers presented at an international workshop on polymer blends and polymer composites.The aim of the workshop was...

Photonic Polymer Systems: Fundamentals: Methods, and Applications

1st Edition

Donald L. Wise, Gary E. Wnek, Debra J. Trantolo, Thomas M. Cooper, Joseph D. Gresser
July 10, 1998

"Furnishes the necessary background information, methods of characterization, and applications of optic and photonic systems based on polymers. Provides detailed tutorial chapters that offer in-depth explanations of optic and photonic fundamentals and synthesis techniques."...

Flammability Handbook for Plastics

5th Edition

Carlos J. Hilado
May 11, 1998

FROM THE INTRODUCTION"Considerable effort has gone into the study of various aspects of flammability and of various plastic materials, so that these materials which are proving so useful to man will always be used in ways which will not compromise his safety. The task is a continuing one, because...

Thermoforming: A Plastics Processing Guide, Second Edition

2nd Edition

Geza Gruenwald
May 08, 1998

FROM THE FOREWORDDr. Gruenwald has indicated the desirable properties of polymerics for differing applications; thus, his text is especially useful for polymer chemists who must "tailor" plastic materials for specific groups of applications. Engineers in extruding and calendering film and sheet...

Fundamentals of Polymer Science: An Introductory Text, Second Edition

2nd Edition

Michael M. Coleman, Paul C. Painter
April 30, 1998

Now in its second edition, this widely used text provides a unique presentation of today's polymer science. It is both comprehensive and readable. The authors are leading educators in this field with extensive background in industrial and academic polymer research.The text starts with a description...