Polymer Science

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Handbook of Polyethylene: Structures: Properties, and Applications

1st Edition

Andrew Peacock
January 20, 2000

This text provides the basic history, molecular structure and intrinsic properties, practical applications and future developments of polyethylene production and marketing - including recycling systems and metallocene technology. It describes commercial processing techniques used to convert raw...

Polymer Viscoelasticity: Stress and Strain in Practice

1st Edition

Evaristo Riande, Ricardo Diaz-Calleja, Margarita Prolongo, Rosa Masegosa, Catalina Salom
November 05, 1999

Showcasing vital engineering applications to transient and dynamic pertubations of macromolecular materials, structural recovery's role in mechanical responses in the glassy state, and viscoelastic parameters that condition the non-Newtonian behaviour of polymers, this work presents a systematic...

Handbook of Polycarbonate Science and Technology

1st Edition

John T. Bendler
October 29, 1999

"Summarizes research and progress in understanding the fundamental molecular properties of polycarbonates by covering history, theory, modeling, and spectroscopy. Offers the first comprehensive survey of polycarbonates in over 30 years."...

Polymer Interfaces and Emulsions

1st Edition

Kunio Esumi
July 09, 1999

"Presents the latest knowledge on a wide range of topics in polymer science, including the dynamics, preparation, application, and physiochemical properties of polymer solutions and colloids; the adsorption characteristics at polymer surfaces; and the adhesion properties (including acid-base) of...

Polymer Yearbook 16

1st Edition

Richard A. Pethrick
June 23, 1999


Practical Extrusion Blow Molding

1st Edition

Samuel L. Belcher
June 18, 1999

Outline proven methods from planning and manufacture to product testing, this work reports on the most effective means of producing plastics by the extrusion blow moulding process. It supplies data on materials, performance standards and testing methodologies developed in industry with proven...

Composite Materials Handbook-MIL 17, Volume III: Materials Usage, Design, and Analysis

1st Edition

Us Dept Of Defense
June 18, 1999

This standardization handbook has been developed and is being maintained as a joint effort of the Department of Defense and the Federal Aviation Administration. It provides guidelines and material properties for polymer (organic) and metal matrix composite materials. This handbook aims to provide...

Composite Materials Handbook-MIL 17, Volume I: Guidelines for Characterization of Structural Materials

1st Edition

Us Dept Of Defense
June 18, 1999

This handbook documents engineering methodologies for the development of standardized, statistically -based material property data for polymer matrix composite materials. Also provided are data summaries for a number of relevant composite material systems for which available data meets specific...

Ecological Aspects of Polymer Flame Retardancy

1st Edition

Gennady Zaikov, Lomakin
June 01, 1999

This book deals with the ecological aspects of polymer flame retardation. It deals with methods for estimating polymer flammability, the mode of action of modern flame retardants, and ecological concerns of the most used halogenated flame retardants....

Star and Hyperbranched Polymers

1st Edition

Munmaya Mishra, Shiro Kobayashi
May 25, 1999

Synthesizing the raw data needed for a wide variety of industrial applications, this work supplies up-to-date advanced in research on star, hyperbranched and dendritic polymers. It provides detailed descriptions of the size and shape of the molecules that make up these polymers, as well as their...

Electrophysical Phenomena in the Tribology of Polymers

1st Edition

A I Sviridewok, A F Kilmovich, V N Kestelman
May 11, 1999

Numerous practical problems connected to triboelectric phenomena remain unsolved in both the fabrication and behavior of polymer threads and fabrics in a variety of industrial articles. Using the results of unique experiments carried out in the countries of the former Soviet Union, this volume...