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Lasers in Polymer Science and Technolgy: Applications, Volume IV

1st Edition

Jan F. Rabek, Jean-Pierre Fouassier
November 30, 1989

The purpose of this 4-volume set is to examine some of the applications of lasers in polymer science and technology. Now available for the first time, up-to-date information on this fascinating subject is compiled and presented in compact form. This set focuses on current research and developments...

Laser Spectroscopy of Highly Vibrationally Excited Molecules

1st Edition

Vladilen Stepanovich Letokhov
November 01, 1989

Laser spectroscopy has been perfected over the last fifteen years to become a precise tool for the investigation of highly vibrationally excited molecules. Intense infrared laser radiation permits both the multiple-photon resonant excitation and the dissociation of polyatomic molecules. In this...

Single-Mode Fiber Optics: Prinicples and Applications, Second Edition,

2nd Edition

October 23, 1989

A basic, unified reference, rather than a description of the current experimental activity, presenting the scientific and engineering principles of single-mode optical fibers. It does, however, update discussions to reflect developments since the 1983 first edition, particularly those spurred by the...

Lasers-Induced Plasmas and Applications

1st Edition

June 28, 1989


Laser Applications in Physical Chemistry

1st Edition

May 17, 1989


Parallel Computing: Methods, Algorithms and Applications

1st Edition

D.J Evans, C.N Sutti
May 01, 1989

Parallel Computing: Methods, Algorithms and Applications presents a collection of original papers presented at the international meeting on parallel processing, methods, algorithms, and applications at Verona, Italy in September 1989....

Investigation of Short-Lived Isotopes by Laser Spectroscopy

1st Edition

Ernest W. Otten
January 31, 1989

Laser-spectroscopic methods can be applied to the systematic investigation of radioactive isotopes, covering up to 30 isotopes per element (500 nuclides in total). This book shows how the high resolution and sensitivity of laser spectroscopic methods can be used in experiments on the hyperfine...

An Introduction to Groups: A Computer Illustrated Text

1st Edition

D Asche
January 01, 1989

An Introduction to Groups: A Computer Illustrated Text discusses all the concepts necessary for a thorough understanding of group theory. The book covers various theorems, including Lagrange and Sylow. It also details Cayley tables, Burnside's lemma, homomorphisms, and dicyclic groups. The book is...

An Introduction to the Digital Analysis of Stationary Signals: A Computer Illustrated Text

1st Edition

I.P Castro
January 01, 1989

An Introduction to the Digital Analysis of Stationary Signals: A Computer Illustrated Text directly illustrates the various techniques required to make accurate measurements of the properties of fluctuating signals. Emphasis is on qualitative ideas rather than detailed mathematical analysis for...

Applications of Photovoltaics

1st Edition

Rebecca Hill
January 01, 1989

Photovoltaics (PV) play a vital role in an energy-conscious society where the demand for cheap, convenient, and environmentally benign sources of energy is certain to increase. The range of applications is immense, encompassing many spheres of activity, from modern consumer electronics to the...

Getting the Measure of the Stars

1st Edition

W.A. Cooper, E.N. Walker
January 01, 1989

Many years ago amateur astronomers made observations of equal quality to professionals and hence could participate in the intellectual challenge of advancing our knowledge of the universe. Throughout most of this century, however, the cost and complexity of telescopes and instruments have generally...