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Group Theoretical Methods in Physics. Volume II: Proceedings of the Third Yurmala Seminar, Yurmala, USSR, 22-24 May 1985

1st Edition

Markov, Man'ko, Dodonov
December 01, 1986

These Proceedings cover various topics in modern physics in which group theoretical methods can be applied effectively. The two volumes, containing over 100 papers, cover such areas as representation theory, the theory and applications of dynamical symmetries and coherent states, symmetries in...

Statistical Physics

1st Edition

Y Klimontovich
November 20, 1986


Laser Spectroscopy and its Applications

1st Edition

Richard W. Solarz, Jeffrey A. Paisner
September 29, 1986

Bringing together scattered literature from a range of sources, Laser Spectroscopy and ItsApplications clearly elucidates the tools and concepts of this dynamic area, and providesextensive bibliographies for further study.Distinguished experts in their respective fields discuss resonance...

Location Theory

1st Edition

F J Gabszewicz-Thisse
September 03, 1986


Dynamics of Josephson Junctions and Circuits

1st Edition

August 11, 1986


A Number for your Thoughts: Facts and Speculations About Numbers from Euclid to the Latest Computers

1st Edition

Lines M E
January 01, 1986

Why do we count the way we do? What is a prime number or a friendly, perfect, or weird one? How many are there and who has found the largest yet known? What is the Baffling Law of Benford and can you really believe it? Do most numbers you meet in every day life really begin with a 1, 2, or 3? What...

Aberrations of Optical Systems

1st Edition

W.T Welford
January 01, 1986

Although the subject of optical design as a branch of applied physics is over one hundred years old, the use of aberration theory has changed considerably. Aberrations of Optical Systems covers elementary optics and aberration theory of various optical systems, including the use of nonaxially...

Waves in Focal Regions: Propagation, Diffraction and Focusing of Light, Sound and Water Waves

1st Edition

J.J Stamnes
January 01, 1986

Using numerous mathematical and numerical techniques of diffraction theory, Waves in Focal Regions: Propagation, Diffraction and Focusing of Light, Sound and Water Waves provides a full and richly illustrated description of waves in focal regions. Unlike most books, the author treats...

Of Stars and Men: Reminiscences of an Astronomer

1st Edition

Zdenek Kopal
January 01, 1986

The twentieth century has been a remarkable epoch in the affairs of men, and this is no less true of astronomy, at once the oldest and most modern of the sciences. Sky watchers at the beginning of the century measured positions and predicted celestial motions in faithful but uninspired homage to...

Particle Accelerators and Their Uses, Third Edition

3rd Edition

Waldemar H. Scharf
January 01, 1986

Particle Accelerators and Their Uses is a comprehensive treatment of the construction and applications of the major accelerator types. Part I presents the design and parameters of such accelerator types as high-voltage and radio frequency linear designs, synchrocyclotrons and microtrons. Part II...

Laser Beam Scanning: Opto-Mechanical Devices, Systems, and Data Storage Optics

1st Edition

December 06, 1985

Written in an easy-to-read style, this comprehensive guide examines the currentknowledge on opto-mechanical laser beam scanning technology.Combining theoretical and practical aspects, Laser Beam Scanning discusses theapplications, performance, and design of holographic, polygonal, galvanometric,...

Combustion Theory

2nd Edition

Forman A. Williams
December 01, 1985

Combustion Theory delves deeper into the science of combustion than most other texts and gives insight into combustions from a molecular and a continuum point of view. The book presents derivations of the basic equations of combustion theory and contains appendices on the background of subjects of...