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Uncertainty, Calibration and Probability: The Statistics of Scientific and Industrial Measurement

C.F Dietrich
January 01, 1991

All measurements are subject to error because no quantity can be known exactly; hence, any measurement has a probability of lying within a certain range. The more precise the measurement, the smaller the range of uncertainty. Uncertainty, Calibration and Probability is a comprehensive treatment of...

Physical Acoustics and Metrology of Fluids

Martin Trusler
January 01, 1991

The interaction of sound waves with the medium through which they pass can be used to investigate the thermophysical properties of that medium. With the advent of modern instrumentation, it is now possible to determine the speed and absorption of sound with extremely high precision and, through the...

Ultra-Cold Neutrons

R. Golub, D Richardson, S.K Lamoreaux
January 01, 1991

Ultra-Cold Neutrons is a complete, self-contained introduction and review of the field of ultra-cold neutron (UCN) physics. Over the last two decades, developments in UCN technology include the storage of UCN in material and magnetic bottles for time periods limited only by the beta decay rate of...

Michael Faraday and The Royal Institution: The Genius of Man and Place (PBK)

J.M Thomas
January 01, 1991

A self-educated man who knew no mathematics, Michael Faraday rose from errand boy to become one of Britain's greatest scientists. Faraday made the discoveries upon which most of twentieth-century technology is based and readers of this book will enjoy finding out in how many ways we are indebted to...

Echoes of War: The Story of H2S Radar

Bernard Sir Lovell
January 01, 1991

August 1939 was a time of great flux. The fear of impending war fueled by the aggression of Nazi Germany forced many changes. Young people pursuing academic research were plunged into an entirely different kind of research and development. For Bernard Lovell, the war meant involvement in one of the...

Semiconductor Devices for Electronic Tuners

Seiichi Watanabe
January 01, 1991

Describes in detail the semiconductor components of the electronic tuner of televisions and VCRs. Covers voltage-variable capacitance diodes, band-switch diodes, dual-gate FETs, and others, including their performance as mediators of tuning and amplification. Emphasizes coverage of the analysis of...

Introduction to Surface Magnetism

Takahito Kaneyoshi
December 13, 1990

This book has been designed as an introductory text to surface magnetism for physics and material science students. General topics discussed include the physical characteristics of magnetically ordered systems, the structural aspects of surfaces, magnetic surfaces, the Weiss molecular field and...

Experimental Researches In Chemistry And Physics

Michael Faraday
November 16, 1990

A classic text from Michael Faraday with a new foreword by J. M. Thomas. This essential read for all physicists will give an insight into the mind of one of the greatest scientists of recent centuries....

Nuclear Systems Volume 2: Elements Of Thermal Design

Neil E. Todreas
July 01, 1990

This edition builds on earlier traditions in providing broad subject-area coverage, application of theory to practical aspects of commercial nuclear power, and use of instructional objectives. Like the first edition, it focuses on what distinguishes nuclear engineering from the other engineering...

Photoconductivity: Art: Science & Technology

N V Joshi
May 25, 1990

Featuring detector technology capable of sensing even a few photons, this valuablereference guide provides criteria for selecting techniques and equipment appropriate tovarious types of faint signals. It highlights many important facets of photoconductivityand photodetection, including the...

Particle Physics and Inflationary Cosmology

Carol C. Linder
May 17, 1990

A monograph on inflationary cosmology and cosmological phase transitions, investigating modern cosmology's relationship to elementary particle physics. This work also includes a non-technical discussion of inflationary cosmology for those unfamiliar with the theory....

Handbook of Poylmer-Liquid Interaction Parameters and Solubility Parameters

Allan F.M. Barton
May 15, 1990

Now available for the first time, this valuable reference presents polymer solubility parameters and various polymer-liquid interaction parameters in an easy-to-use form. It critically evaluates and comprehensively compiles data from original sources. It presents these quantities polymer-by-polymer...