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Laser Resonators and the Beam Divergence Problem

Yurii A. Anan'ev
January 01, 1992

Professor Yurii A. Anan'ev has a long-standing international reputation for his publications on optical beams and resonators. Now many of his contributions will be readily available for the first time in a book. The generation of maximum power, minimum divergence beams from laser resonators is...

Gallium Arsenide and Related Compounds 1991, Proceedings of the Eighteenth INT Symposium, 9-12 September 1991, Seattle, USA

January 01, 1992

Gallium Arsenide and Related Compounds 1991emphasizes current results on the materials, characterization, and device aspects of a broad range of semiconductor materials, particularly the III-V compounds and alloys. The book is a valuable reference for researchers in physics, materials science, and...

Stellar Astrophysics

R.J Tayler
January 01, 1992

Stellar Astrophysics contains a selection of high-quality papers that illustrate the progress made in research into the structure and evolution of stars. Senior undergraduates, graduates, and researchers can now be brought thoroughly up to date in this exciting and ever-developing branch of...

Handbook of Geophysical Exploration at Sea

Richard A. Geyer, Margaret Ashwell
December 26, 1991

This two-volume handbook presents advanced research and operational information about hard minerals and hydrocarbons. It provides information in an integrated, interdisciplinary manner, stressing case histories. It includes review chapters, illustrations, graphs, tables, and color satellite images...

Nonlinear Optical Materials

Hans Jochen Kuhn, Jean Robillard
December 19, 1991


Physics of Liquid Crystalline Materials

Chor-San Heng Khoo
December 16, 1991


Elemental Analysis by Particle Accelerators

Zeev Alfassi, Max Peisach
December 07, 1991

Elemental Analysis by Particle Accelerators describes the theory, methodology, and applications for a wide variety of sensitive, non-destructive methods of analysis capable of both high selectivity and multielemental determinations. Specific methods discussed include radioactive methods, particle...

Acoustic Waves in Boreholes

Frederick L. Paillet, Chuen Hon Cheng
October 29, 1991

Introducing the first, self-contained reference on acoustic waveform loggingAcoustic measurements in boreholes were first made as a specialized logging technique in geological exploration, but recent advances have greatly expanded the potential applications of this technique. Acoustic Waves in...

Excess Electrons in Dielectric Media

Christiane Ferradini, Jean-Paul Jay-Gerin
August 05, 1991

This book provides a comprehensive review of the present knowledge and current problems concerning physical-chemical aspects of the behavior of excess electrons in various media. The book's 13 chapters strike a balance between theoretical and experimental accounts and provide in-depth presentations...

Electron and Ion Microscopy and Microanalysis: Principles and Applications, Second Edition,

Lawrence E Murr
July 25, 1991

The publication date of the first edition is not stated, but the new edition is apparently considerably revised and expanded. It was written to serve as a multi-purpose text at the senior or graduate level and as a reference for the practicing scientist or engineer. Readers should have a math backgr...

Theory and Application of Morphological Analysis: Fine Particles and Surfaces

David W. Luerkens
July 24, 1991

This book is one in a series dedicated to fine particle science and technology. Topics covered in the book include the role of definitions, concepts, hypothesis, and laws; morphological analysis of fine particles and surfaces; analytical three-dimensional representations of particle and surface...

Introduction To The Theory Of Neural Computation

John A. Hertz, Anders S. Krogh, Richard G. Palmer
June 24, 1991

Comprehensive introduction to the neural network models currently under intensive study for computational applications. It also provides coverage of neural network applications in a variety of problems of both theoretical and practical interest....