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Supersymmetric Gauge Field Theory and String Theory

1st Edition

D. Bailin, Alexander Love
January 01, 1994

Designed as a sequel to the authors' Introduction to Gauge Field Theory, Supersymmetric Gauge Field Theory and String Theory introduces first-year graduate students to supersymmetric theories, including supergravity and superstring theories. Starting with the necessary background in quantum field...

The Mystery of the Quantum World

2nd Edition

Euan J. Squires
January 01, 1994

Quantum mechanics stands as one of the most remarkable achievements of the 20th century, providing startling insight into the nature of matter and a spectacularly successful predictive theory. However, while the predictive ability of the quantum theory has been rigorously tested time and again, so...

Wonder and Delight: Essays in Science Education in honour of the life and work of Eric Rogers 1902-1990

1st Edition

B Jennison, J Ogborn
January 01, 1994

Eric Rogers was an excellent physics teacher, with a worldwide reputation for the passion, profundity, and quirkiness of his thinking. Written by a distinguished international group of contributors, Wonder and Delight honors his memory by collecting together writings about science education that...

Handbook of Surface Metrology

1st Edition

David J. Whitehouse
January 01, 1994

Written by the leading authority in the subject, Handbook of Surface Metrology covers every conceivable aspect of measuring and characterizing a surface. Focusing both on theory and practice, the book provides useful guidelines for the design of precision instruments and presents data on the...

Demonstrating Science with Soap Films

1st Edition

January 01, 1994

Many of us have been fascinated as children by soap bubbles and soap films. Their shapes and colours are beautiful and they are great fun to pay with. With no les intensity, scientists and mathematicians have been interested in the properties of bubbles and films throughout scientific history.In...

On the Shoulders of Giants

1st Edition

Lines M E
January 01, 1994

Mathematics is the only science with a methodology based upon deductive logic, whereas physics is a quantitative science based upon experiment and observation in which trial and error are inherent. Physics uses the most relevant mathematics, for example using group theory to explain the theoretical...

Quantum Mechanics: Fundamentals

1st Edition

Kurt Gottfried
December 21, 1993

This classic text provides a comprehensive exposition of the concepts and techniques of quantum mechanics. The phenomena treated are sufficiently simple to allow the student to readily assess the validity of the models so that attention is not deflected from the heart of the subject. To that end,...

Representation of Crystallographic Space Groups

1st Edition

December 08, 1993


Gauge Fields: An Introduction To Quantum Theory, Second Edition

2nd Edition

L. D. Faddeev, A. A. Slavnov
November 01, 1993


Superhigh Frequency Generators of Plasma

1st Edition

V. M. Batenin, Ivan I. Klimovskii, Georgi V. Lysov, Vladimir N. Troitskii
October 25, 1993

Superhigh Frequency Generators of Plasma describes the basic physical processes defining the properties and characteristics of SHF-discharges at pressures from 100 Pa to atmospheric. It provides a detailed analysis of propagation mechanisms of the discharge front in atomic and molecular gases, and...

Nonlinear Problems in Accelerator Physics, Proceedings of the INT workshop on nonlinear problems in accelerator physics held in Berlin, Germany, 30 March - 2 April, 1992

1st Edition

September 23, 1993

Nonlinear Problems in Accelerator Physics contains the proceedings of the International Workshop on Nonlinear Problems in Accelerator Physics. Consisting only of invited papers, the book focuses on resolving problems associated with nonlinear effects-essential for the development of the next...

Similarity and Dimensional Methods in Mechanics

10th Edition

L. I. Sedov
September 09, 1993

Similiarity and Dimensional Methods in Mechanics, 10th Edition is an English language translation of this classic volume examining the general theory of dimensions of physical quantities, the theory of mechanical and physical similarity, and the theory of modeling. Several examples illustrate the...