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Chemical Graph Theory, Second Edition

Nenad Trinajstic
February 21, 1992

New Edition! Completely Revised and UpdatedChemical Graph Theory, 2nd Edition is a completely revised and updated edition of a highly regarded book that has been widely used since its publication in 1983. This unique book offers a basic introduction to the handling of molecular graphs -...

Introductory Special Relativity

W G V Rosser
January 06, 1992

* A comprehensive introduction to special relativity for undergraduate study* Based on the highly regarded textbook Relativity and High Energy Physics * Includes numerous worked examples* Now thoroughly revised and expanded * Fully meets the needs of first year physics undergraduates...

Approximation with Quasi-Splines

G.H Kirov
January 01, 1992

In the theory of splines, a function is approximated piece-wise by (usually cubic) polynomials. Quasi-splines is the natural extension of this, allowing us to use any useful class of functions adapted to the problem.Approximation with Quasi-Splines is a detailed account of this highly useful...

Artifice and Artefacts: 100 Essays in Materials Science

R.W Cahn
January 01, 1992

For more than a quarter of a century Robert Cahn has been writing articles for Nature and other esteemed journals. Written in the author's distinctive style, Artifice and Artefacts: 100 Essays in Materials Science presents a compilation of 100 articles and reviews chosen to represent a broad range...

Biosensors: Microelectrochemical Devices

M Lambrechts, W Sansen
January 01, 1992

Biosensors are analytical devices that combine a biologically sensitive element with a physical or chemical transducer to selectively and quantitatively detect the presence of specific compounds. Balancing basics, principles, and case studies, Biosensors: Microelectrochemical Devices covers the...

Effective Action in Quantum Gravity

I.L Buchbinder, S Odintsov, L Shapiro
January 01, 1992

In part one of Effective Action in Quantum Gravity, the book describes the principles of quantum field theory and the significance of and theory behind effective action. Part two deals with quantum field theory in curved space-time and the effective action. These two parts provide the tools for...

Electromagnetic Instabilities in an Inhomogeneous Plasma

A.B Mikhailovskii
January 01, 1992

Electromagnetic Instabilities in an Inhomogeneous Plasma presents a comprehensive survey of the theory of electromagnetic instabilities in a magnetized inhomogeneous plasma, mainly in the classical approximation of straight and parallel magnetic field lines as well as magnetic-field curvature...

High Temperature Superconductivity

D.P Tunstall, D.W Barford
January 01, 1992

High Temperature Superconductivity provides a broad survey of high temperature superconductivity, discussing the adaptations of experimental and theoretical techniques and methods that take advantage of the revolutionary properties of high temperature superconductors. Distinguished engineers,...

Introduction to Chaos and Coherence

J Froyland
January 01, 1992

Introduction to Chaos and Coherence provides a clear introduction to the theory of chaotic systems, with a minimum of mathematical complexity. Used extensively in this color-illustrated book, Lyapunov exponents are convenient tools for exploring models of chaotic systems. Aimed primarily at...

Laser Resonators and the Beam Divergence Problem

Yurii A. Anan'ev
January 01, 1992

Professor Yurii A. Anan'ev has a long-standing international reputation for his publications on optical beams and resonators. Now many of his contributions will be readily available for the first time in a book. The generation of maximum power, minimum divergence beams from laser resonators is...

Gallium Arsenide and Related Compounds 1991, Proceedings of the Eighteenth INT Symposium, 9-12 September 1991, Seattle, USA

January 01, 1992

Gallium Arsenide and Related Compounds 1991emphasizes current results on the materials, characterization, and device aspects of a broad range of semiconductor materials, particularly the III-V compounds and alloys. The book is a valuable reference for researchers in physics, materials science, and...

Stellar Astrophysics

R.J Tayler
January 01, 1992

Stellar Astrophysics contains a selection of high-quality papers that illustrate the progress made in research into the structure and evolution of stars. Senior undergraduates, graduates, and researchers can now be brought thoroughly up to date in this exciting and ever-developing branch of...