Electronic Materials & Devices

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Conjugated Objects: Developments, Synthesis, and Applications

Atsushi Nagai, Koji Takagi
August 25, 2017

Conjugated Objects: Development, Synthesis, and Application contains 17 chapters written by young researchers and contains current trends in pi-conjugated systems for application in broad research areas such as design of unique pi-conjugation, catalysts, self-assembly, charge transfer...

Josephson Junctions: History, Devices, and Applications

Edward L. Wolf, Gerald B. Arnold, Michael A. Gurvitch, John F. Zasadzinski
August 08, 2017

This book summarizes the history and present status and applications of Josephson junctions. These devices are leading elements in superconducting electronics and provide state-of-the-art performance in detection of small magnetic fields and currents, in several digital computing methods, and in...

Gallium Nitride Power Devices

Hongyu Yu, Tianli Duan
June 27, 2017

GaN is considered the most promising material candidate in next-generation power device applications, owing to its unique material properties, for example, bandgap, high breakdown field, and high electron mobility. Therefore, GaN power device technologies are listed as the top priority to be...

The MOCVD Challenge: A survey of GaInAsP-InP and GaInAsP-GaAs for photonic and electronic device applications, Second Edition

Manijeh Razeghi
June 14, 2017

Written by one of the driving forces in the field, The MOCVD Challenge is a comprehensive review covering GaInAsP–InP, GaInAsP–GaAs, and related material for electronic and photonic device applications. These III-V semiconductor compounds have been used to realize the electronic, optoelectronic,...

Materials Aspect of Thermoelectricity

Ctirad Uher
November 21, 2016

In recent years, novel families of materials have been discovered and significant improvements in classical thermoelectric materials have been made. Thermoelectric generators are now being used to harvest industrial heat waste and convert it into electricity. This is being utilized in communal...

Printed Resonant Periodic Structures and Their Applications

Mahesh Abegaonkar, Lalithendra Kurra, Shiban Kishen Koul
November 17, 2016

This book is a reference for researchers who want to learn about resonant periodic structures for applications in microstrip circuits. The readers can learn simple methods to analyze these structures using commercially available software and equivalent circuit modelling. The application examples...

Fundamentals of Tunnel Field-Effect Transistors

Sneh Saurabh, Mamidala Jagadesh Kumar
November 07, 2016

During the last decade, there has been a great deal of interest in TFETs. To the best authors’ knowledge, no book on TFETs currently exists. The proposed book provides readers with fundamental understanding of the TFETs. It explains the interesting characteristics of the TFETs, pointing to their...

Introduction to Nanoelectronic Single-Electron Circuit Design, Second Edition

Jaap Hoekstra
October 06, 2016

Today, the concepts of single-electron tunneling (SET) are used to understand and model single-atom and single-molecule nanoelectronics. The characteristics of nanoelectronic devices, especially SET transistors, can be understood on the basis of the physics of nanoelectronic devices and circuit...

Nitride Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Material and Electronic Devices

Yue Hao, Jin Feng Zhang, Jin Cheng Zhang
October 03, 2016

This book systematically introduces physical characteristics and implementations of III-nitride wide bandgap semiconductor materials and electronic devices, with an emphasis on high-electron-mobility transistors (HEMTs). The properties of nitride semiconductors make the material very suitable for...

Metrology and Diagnostic Techniques for Nanoelectronics

Zhiyong Ma, David G. Seiler
October 03, 2016

Nanoelectronics is changing the way the world communicates, and is transforming our daily lives. Continuing Moore’s law and miniaturization of low-power semiconductor chips with ever-increasing functionality have been relentlessly driving R&D of new devices, materials, and process capabilities...

Metamaterials: Beyond Crystals, Noncrystals, and Quasicrystals

Tie Jun Cui, Wen Xuan Tang, Xin Mi Yang, Zhong Lei Mei, Wei Xiang Jiang
June 20, 2016

Metamaterials: Beyond Crystals, Noncrystals, and Quasicrystals is a comprehensive and updated research monograph that focuses on recent advances in metamaterials based on the effective medium theory in microwave frequencies. Most of these procedures were conducted in the State Key Laboratory of...

Graphene in Spintronics: Fundamentals and Applications

Junichiro Inoue, Ai Yamakage, Syuta Honda
May 17, 2016

The discovery and fabrication of new materials have opened the gate for new research fields in science and technology. The novel method of fabricating graphene, a purely 2D carbon lattice, and the discovery of the phenomenon of giant magnetoresistance (GMR) in magnetic multilayers are not...