Pharmaceutical Science

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Biosensor Technology: Fundamentals and Applications

1st Edition

June 28, 1990

This authoritative reference covers recent advances in the field, stressing an interdisciplinaryapproach to the development and use of biosensor technology in physics,engineering, analytical chemistry, and biochemistry (including immunochemistry).about the editors ...RICHARD P. BucK is a Professor...

Pulsed and Self-Regulated Drug Delivery

1st Edition

Joseph Kost
May 09, 1990

This work focuses on several approaches to modulated control release systems, including polymers responding to external stimuli (pH glucose concentration), polymer drug-magnetic and ultrasonic systems. This book is aimed at the next generation of drug delivery systemsópumps that can be activated to...

Drugs and the Delivery of Oxygen to Tissues

1st Edition

J. Stuart Fleming
December 31, 1989

This rare and unique work consists of a broad overview of hyperviscosity, blood cell deformability, and platelet aggregation. These topics are written in combination with a comprehensive review of drugs bring developed to treat impaired oxygen delivery to tissue. It devotes much attention to the...

Statistical Issues in Drug Research and Development

1st Edition

Karl E. Peace
December 11, 1989


Bioadhesive Drug Delivery Systems

1st Edition

Vincent M. Lenaerts, Robert Gurny
November 30, 1989

This comprehensively written text covers, in-depth, all aspects of bioadhesive systems. Bioadhesive systems are presently playing a major role in the field because of their ability to maintain a dosage form at a precise body-site for a prolonged period of time over which the active principle is...

Topical Drug Delivery Formulations

1st Edition

David W. Osborne, Anton H. Amann
November 27, 1989


Statistical Methodology in the Pharmaceutical Sciences

1st Edition

D. A. Berry
September 28, 1989

A state-of-the-art handbook of statistical analysis for use in the pharmaceutical industry. Areas covered in this reference/text include: bioavailability, repeated-measures designs, dose-response, population models, multicenter trials, handling dropouts, survival analysis, robust data analysis, cate...


1st Edition

Stanley Edlavitch
August 01, 1989

This volume is comprised of papers presented at the Third International Conference on Pharmacoepidemiology, held September 9-11, 1987, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The book is divided into four sections, which reflect the four themes of the conference: Social Impact of Pharmacoepidemiology; Drug...

Pharmaceutical Pelletization Technology

1st Edition

Isaac Ghebre-Selassie
May 25, 1989


CRC Handbook of Chromatography: Drugs, Volume III

1st Edition

Ram N. Gupta
December 31, 1988

These volumes provide a reference source of different gas chro-matographic, liquid chromatographic, or thin-layer chromatographic techniques for the qualitative determination of various therapeutic agents, including antibiotics, vitamins and hormones, drugs of abuse in body fluids, dosage forms, or...

Gerontokinetics: Pharmacokinetics of Drugs in the Elderly

1st Edition

Wolfgang A. Ritschel
December 15, 1988

Gerontokinetics: Pharmacokinetics of Drugs in the Elderly is concerned with the complex processes of how the body handles drugs. After dealing with changes in the anatomy and physiology of the human body with increasing age, the pharmacokinetics of drugs in the elderly is discussed. In particular,...

Clinical Pharmacokinetics: The MCQ Approach

1st Edition

Stephen H. Curry
December 15, 1988

Clinical Pharmacokinetics: The MCQ Approach is a self-teaching guide to the subject. The reader is guided through the principles of the subject as they are applied to increasingly complex situations. The volume contains a number of single and multiple-choice questions, many requiring graphing and...