Pharmaceutical Science

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Pharmaceutical Marketing: Strategy and Cases

Mickey C. Smith
October 24, 1991

Reflecting the fascinating and dramatic changes in pharmacy, pharmaceutical education, and the pharmaceutical industry in recent years, this authoritative volume focuses on the practice of marketing both prescription and nonprescription medications. In a dozen comprehensive chapters, author Mickey...

High Performance Biomaterials: A Complete Guide to Medical and Pharmceutical Applications

Michael Szycher
October 01, 1991

Encyclopedic presentation of the clinical applications of biomaterials from markets and advanced concepts to pharmaceutical applications and blood compatibility....

Pharmaceutical Dissolution Testing

Umesh V. Banakar
September 25, 1991

Introduction, Historical Highlights, and the Need for Dissolution Testing Theories of Dissolution Dissolution Testing Devices Automation in Dissolution Testing, by William A. Hanson and Albertha M. Paul Factors That Influence Dissolution Testing Interpretation of Dissolution Rate Data Techniques...

The Medicinal Plant Industry

R. O. B. Wijesekera
September 17, 1991

As the medicinal plant industry blooms into a billion dollar business, it reaches beyond collection, propagation, harvesting and sale of crude vegetal drugs into product formulation, packaging and dispensing of sophisticated phyto-pharmaceuticals and herbal preparations. The scientific study of...

Antimicrobial Therapy in Abdominal Surgery: Precepts and Practices

Haragopal Thadepalli, Askis K. Mandal
August 26, 1991

Over the past 50 years, important developments have taken place in surgical and antimicrobial aspects of the management of intestinal surgery and intra-abdominal sepsis. Many new pathogens like Clostridium difficile, Helibacter and Ruminococcus have been described, and many new beta-lactam drugs...

Treatise on Controlled Drug Delivery: Fundamentals-optimization-applications

Agis F. Kydonieus
August 02, 1991

An introductory but detailed treatise which includes some 1,000 references and solved examples and end-of-chapter problems, making it useful to both students and practitioners. The pharmokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and biological and biopharmaceutical parameters pertinent to each route of administra...

Pharmaceutical Product Licensing: Requirements for Europe

A. C. Cartwright, A. C. Cartwright
May 31, 1991

Provides a systematic account of the major technical, administrative and legal requirements for registering a product in any of the national markets within the EEC, using the existing procedures, with guidance as to how these procedures are likely to change after 1992....

Degradation of Bioactive Substances: Physiology and Pathophysiology

Jens H. Henriksen
May 28, 1991

Intended primarily for researchers working with bioactive substances such as hormones, neurotransmitters, growth factors, and connective tissue makers, this book discusses the principles of degradation in major groups of bioactive materials with respect to physiology, location, and regulation....

Colloidal Carriers for Controlled Drug Delivery and Targeting: Modification, Characterization, and In Vivo Distribution

April 15, 1991

Colloidal carriers (particles, emulsions) for intravenous administration are a promising approach to achieve controlled release and site-specific delivery of drugs. The success of the systems will depend on their ability to maintain in blood circulation (controlled release system) or to reach...

Heterocyclic N-oxides

Angelo Albini
April 08, 1991

This book provides a comprehensive presentation of all aspects of heterocyclic N-oxides. Topics discussed include the preparation of these compounds by N-oxidation of heterocycles and simultaneous synthesis of the ring and formation of the N-oxide group; general spectroscopic characteristics and...

Inverted Medical Dictionary, Second Edition

Bruce C. Carlstedt, Mary J. Stanaszek, Walter F. Stanaszek
March 15, 1991

Ever feel embarrassed because you don't know proper medical terms? This handy reference will help you find the words and abbreviations you need. Each meaning in this dictionary is listed alphabetically by layman's terms and followed by the proper medical term, from "abdominal cavity distension" (...