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Inverted Medical Dictionary, Second Edition

1st Edition

Bruce C. Carlstedt, Mary J. Stanaszek, Walter F. Stanaszek
March 15, 1991

Ever feel embarrassed because you don't know proper medical terms? This handy reference will help you find the words and abbreviations you need. Each meaning in this dictionary is listed alphabetically by layman's terms and followed by the proper medical term, from "abdominal cavity distension" (...

HPLC in the Pharmaceutical Industry

1st Edition

Godwin W. Fong
March 14, 1991

A practical guide for chemists in the pharmaceutical industry to making automated analyses of drugs that will meet the standards of regulatory agencies. Reviews the standard techniques of high-performance liquid chromatography, specialized detection methods, automation in pharmaceutical analysis, an...

Preclinical Drug Disposition: A Laboratory Handbook

1st Edition

Lai-Sing Tse Francis
March 01, 1991

For researchers and students in pharmacology and related fields, explains the standard techniques for investigating the absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion of test compounds using laboratory animals. Describes types of experiments, study design, animal preparation and maintenance, do...

Modern Methods of Pharmaceutical Analysis, Second Edition, Volume II

2nd Edition

Roger E. Schirmer
December 19, 1990

This book reviews several of the newer methods that find wide application in pharmaceutical analysis, as well as several older methods of unique importance. The principle of each technique is discussed with emphasis on factors that directly affect its proper application to analytical problems ....

Polymers for Controlled Drug Delivery

1st Edition

Peter J. Tarcha
November 21, 1990

Polymers for Controlled Drug Delivery addresses the challenges of designing macromolecules that deliver therapeutic agents that function safely and in concert with living organisms. The book primarily discusses classes of polymers and polymeric vehicles, including particulates, such as latexes,...

Granulation Technology for Bioproducts

1st Edition

Kiran L. Kadam
November 20, 1990

Granulation technology is important to the manufacturing of many bioproducts, such as detergent enzymes (biologically-derived products) and pharmaceuticals (bioactive products). This book describes the granulation of bioproducts through traditional approaches, such as fluidized bed granulation,...

Large-Scale Mammalian Cell Culture Technology

1st Edition

September 14, 1990

An interdisciplinary approach, integrating biochemistry, biology, genetics, and engineering for the effective production of protein pharmaceuticals. The volume offers a biological perspective of large-scale animal cell culture and examines diverse processing strategies, process management, regulator...

Early Phase Drug Evaluation in Man

1st Edition

September 05, 1990

Early Phase Drug Evaluation in Man is a comprehensive, practical guide that covers pre-clinical information relevant to early human studies, including pharmaceutical, metabolic, toxicological, and regulatory aspects, as well as the general considerations relevant to all early human studies. Each...

Pharmaceutical Chartbook

1st Edition

Abraham G. Hartzema, Eleanor Peretto, Jan D. Hirsch
July 31, 1990

Pharmaceutical Chartbook captures the major trends in the development, manufacture, distribution, and usage of drugs. These trends are shown in a graphic format providing a quick and clear review. This new book, the first of its kind, provides an invaluable understanding of the major important...

Biosensor Technology: Fundamentals and Applications

1st Edition

June 28, 1990

This authoritative reference covers recent advances in the field, stressing an interdisciplinaryapproach to the development and use of biosensor technology in physics,engineering, analytical chemistry, and biochemistry (including immunochemistry).about the editors ...RICHARD P. BucK is a Professor...

Pulsed and Self-Regulated Drug Delivery

1st Edition

Joseph Kost
May 09, 1990

This work focuses on several approaches to modulated control release systems, including polymers responding to external stimuli (pH glucose concentration), polymer drug-magnetic and ultrasonic systems. This book is aimed at the next generation of drug delivery systemsópumps that can be activated to...

Drugs and the Delivery of Oxygen to Tissues

1st Edition

J. Stuart Fleming
December 31, 1989

This rare and unique work consists of a broad overview of hyperviscosity, blood cell deformability, and platelet aggregation. These topics are written in combination with a comprehensive review of drugs bring developed to treat impaired oxygen delivery to tissue. It devotes much attention to the...