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A Practical Guide to Managing Clinical Trials

1st Edition

JoAnn Pfeiffer, Cris Wells
February 25, 2020

A Practical Guide to Managing Clinical Trials is a basic, comprehensive guide to conducting clinical trials. Designed for individuals working in research site operations, this user-friendly reference guides the reader through each step of the clinical trial process from site selection, to site...

A Lifecycle Approach to Knowledge Excellence in the Biopharmaceutical Industry

1st Edition

Nuala Calnan, Martin J Lipa, Paige E. Kane, Jose C. Menezes
June 16, 2017

This book addresses the rapidly emerging field of Knowledge Management in the pharmaceutical, medical devices and medical diagnostics industries. In particular, it explores the role that Knowledge Management can play in ensuring the delivery of safe and effective products to patients. The book also...

Pharmaceutical Public Policy

1st Edition

Thomas R. Fulda, Alan Lyles, Albert I Wertheimer
April 14, 2016

As the most common health-care intervention, prescription drug use shares the most important characteristics of the health-care system in the United States. When everything works well, it makes possible breathtakingly successful applications of science to the prevention and cure of human suffering....

Commercializing Nanomedicine: Industrial Applications, Patents, and Ethics

1st Edition

Luca Escoffier, Mario Ganau, Julielynn Wong
September 18, 2015

The authors of this book address all individuals approaching the study of nanomedicine for the first time ever, as well as those already profitably working in the field either as scientists, doctors, lawyers, or entrepreneurs. Teeming with accurate, up-to-date, and enjoyable content, the book...

Re-inventing Drug Development

1st Edition

Jeffrey S. Handen
October 28, 2014

The biopharmaceutical industry has entered an era of unprecedented change and challenge, characterized by increasing pricing pressures, rising rates of attrition in the product development lifecycle, and decreasing scientific innovation. The most successful products are losing patent protection,...

Patient-Focused Network Integration in BioPharma: Strategic Imperatives for the Years Ahead

1st Edition

Robert Handfield
June 07, 2013

The biopharmaceutical industry as we know it today is going through a massive upheaval as a result of the uncertainty of healthcare reform and increasing regulatory pricing pressure. A wake-up call to all sectors of the healthcare value chain, Patient-Focused Network Integration in BioPharma:...

Essential Management Skills for Pharmacy and Business Managers

1st Edition

Titus De Silva
May 09, 2013

As a manager you will be expected to resolve a range of legal, ethical, operational, human resource, and financial issues that affect your organization. Essential Management Skills for Pharmacy and Business Managers supplies the understanding you will need to manage the day-to-day challenges in...

Biopharmaceutical Supply Chains: Distribution, Regulatory, Systems and Structural Changes Ahead

1st Edition

Robert Handfield
June 06, 2012

A comprehensive exploration of the massive changes in the biopharmaceutical supply chain that have occurred during the past 10 years, and predicted future trends, Biopharmaceutical Supply Chains: Distribution, Regulatory, Systems and Structural Changes Ahead documents the specific impacts of these...

Pharmacoeconomics: From Theory to Practice

1st Edition

Renee J. G. Arnold, Renee J. G. Arnold
October 14, 2009

The pharmaceutical industry is almost boundless in its ability to supply new drug therapies, but how does one decide which are the best medicines to use within restricted budgets? With particular emphasis on modeling, methodologies, data sources, and application to real-world dilemmas,...

Pharmaceutical Project Management

2nd Edition

Anthony Kennedy
March 17, 2008

Encompassing the full spectrum of project management’s role and responsibility encountered in the pharmaceutical industry, Pharmaceutical Project Management outlines the key objectives, risks, and challenges of each stage of the pharmaceutical lifecycle, from discovery and preclinical phases...

Clinical Trials Risk Management

1st Edition

Martin Robinson, Simon Cook
October 12, 2005

Drug development is risky business. It is against the backdrop of huge financial, scientific, technical and medical risks that a clinical trials manager is expected to function, effectively identifying and managing all project risks, to deliver a successful outcome. Focusing on the day-to-day needs...

Facility Validation: Theory, Practice, and Tools

1st Edition

Graham C. Wrigley
March 29, 2004

Often considered a necessary evil by the pharmaceutical industry, validation is still understood by many as unrestrained bureaucracy, paperwork, and procedures whose roots and logic are obscure and only serve to slow down progress. Thoroughly defining the philosophy, application, and processes,...