Occupational Health & Safety

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Multiple Chemical Interactions

1st Edition

Edward J. Calabrese
December 19, 1990

This classic work on a vitally important and new topic contains over 1200 pages of complete information on chemical interactions as it pertains to environmental and medical concerns. It illustrates principles of interactions so you will have the conceptual basis for predicting responses to complex...

Exposure Assessment for Epidemiology and Hazard Control

1st Edition

November 21, 1990

What agents should be measured?How should measurement be performed and what averaging time should be used for the measurement?What sampling strategy should be employed to characterize exposures across individuals, locations, and time?What durations of exposure should be characterized?What...

Occupational Epidemiology, Second Edition

2nd Edition

Richard R. Monson
April 25, 1990

The objective of this second edition of Occupational Epidemiology is to update and extend the first edition. It includes a basic introduction to epidemiology in the occupational context and introduces new analytic methods. This volume-packed with mostly new material-empasizes the relation between...

Hearing Conservation Programs: Practical Guidelines for Success

1st Edition

Julia Royster, Larry H. Royster
March 26, 1990

Save your workers' hearing and save your company money by making your hearing conservation programs (HCPs) more effective. This unique, easy-to-read book provides the essentials for creating an effective hearing conservation program, details how to best organize your people to get the job done,...

Occupational Hygiene Management Guide

1st Edition

Shirley K. Jones
February 28, 1990

Applicable worldwide, this valuable guide will enable you to develop, implement, and maintain the effective occupational health programs for your company needs. Authored by four experts responsible for environment, health, and safety at different General Electric businesses, it can help you avoid...

Systematic Safety Training

1st Edition

January 19, 1990

How to integrate safety skills into job training through behavior modification and various instructional methods. The price is high for this compendium of training suggestions and techniques. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or....

Right Every Time: Using the Deming Approach

1st Edition

F. Price
January 18, 1990

A Druid looks at quality control for product and service industries, amplifying from his earlier book Right first time . Some highlights: Quality is a religion, with the same trappings and pitfalls as other religions; humanity can be distorted, but not abolished, by managerial decree and organizatio...

Physiology Of Work

1st Edition

Kaare Rodahl
November 13, 1989

This text focuses on the applied physiology of work in modern industry. After covering the biological background to work physiology and its relationship to work psychology and occupational medicine it goes on to explore the problems encountered in a...

Principles of Health and Safety in Agriculture

1st Edition

James A. Dosman, Donald W. Cockcroft
October 31, 1989

This indispensible new text is a comprehensive treatment of health and safety problems in agriculture and related industries. Respiratory health risks, grain dust exposures, occupational asthma, chronic lung disease, chemical exposures, incidence of cancer in farmers, accidents and injuries, and...

Occupational Hazards in the Health Professions

1st Edition

Dag K. Brune, Christer Edling
July 31, 1989

This volume is written especially for health professionals affiliated with hospitals, veterinary clinics, dental offices, dental laboratories, toxicological testing laboratories, and pharmaceutical laboratories as a contribution to attain security in such working environments. Possible hazards in...

Safety Design Criteria for Industrial Plants, Volume I

1st Edition

Maurizio Cumo, Antonio Naviglio
May 31, 1989

Ageneralization and rationalization of the main safety design criteria and safety analysis methodologies developed in nuclear aerospace and chemical engineering is presnted in two comprehensive volumes. The concepts of risk, damage and probability of hazardous events are introduced. Risks...

Chemical Hazards in the Workplace

1st Edition

Ronald M. Scott
May 01, 1989

This new book introduces you to Industrial Toxicology - and is especially valuable for the engineer, scientists, or manager with responsibility - but no previous education or experience in the subject. Very "User Friendly." Text at the upper undergraduate and graduate level....