Occupational Health & Safety

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Multiple Task Performance

1st Edition

D Damos
October 07, 1991

This book deals with theories of multiple-task performance and focuses on learning and performance. It is primarily for professionals in human factors, psychology, or engineering who are interested in multiple-task performance but have no formal training in the area....

Indoor Air Pollution: Radon, Bioaerosols, and VOCs

1st Edition

Jack G. Kay, George E. Keller, Jay F. Miller
August 06, 1991

Indoor Air Pollution: Radon, Bioaerosols, and VOCs covers the most current aspects of indoor pollution research, including vitally important topics such as radon, bioaerosols, and volatile organic compounds. The book presents information on microbial contamination abatement, chemical...

Computer Systems for Occupational Safety and Health Management

2nd Edition

Charles W. Ross
June 24, 1991

This book describes how safety and other professionals may use safety database software on a personal computer to manage their safety and health programs. It emphasizes the tech­niques and features necessary to develop a computerized safety data system for a personal computer....

Powder Handling and Electrostatics: Understanding and Preventing Hazards

1st Edition

Thomas B. Jones, Jack L. King, Jack F. Yablonsky
June 24, 1991

The subject of this manual is safe practice for avoiding electrostatic discharge hazards in the manufacturing and processing of chemical and plastic powders. It is written with the practicing engineer and plant technician in mind. Practical information to enhance the process safety is provided in...

Laboratory Accreditation and Data Certification: A System for Success

1st Edition

Carla H. Dempsey, Jimmie D. Petty
June 03, 1991

This book provides descriptions of current laboratory accreditation schemes and explains why these schemes fall short of assuring data purchasers that the data produced from accredited laboratories are always quality products. The book then presents a system for laboratory accreditation in...

The Work Environment: Occupational Health Fundamentals, Volume I

1st Edition

Doan J. Hansen
May 09, 1991

This exciting new volume, the first of a multiple volume set, is a thorough introduction to workplace health and safety issues. Its uncomplicated presentation of material makes it a clear presentation for attorneys, teachers, architects, managers, supervisors, union members and others who regularly...

Basic Occupational MedicineA Guide to Developing Delivery Systems

1st Edition

Robert R. Silver
May 02, 1991

A book based on decades of occupational health experience in the industrial clinic settingThis book focuses on the development and administration of independent facilities or departments devoted to the injured worker. Until recently, this area was a largely ignored aspect of occupational health....

Human Health Risks from Chemical Exposure

1st Edition

R. Warren Flint, John Vena
April 22, 1991

More than 100 professionals have contributed to this important book summarizing much of what is known about the issue of chemicals in the Great Lakes environment and the risks these chemicals pose to human health. The book makes significant recommendations for action in policy, communication,...

Fire Loss Control: A Management Guide, Second Edition,

2nd Edition

P. M. Bochnak
March 01, 1991

Provides managers, architects, plant engineers, technicians, and others with a concise background in the principles of fire protection and property loss control (a new chapter on life safety elements was added to the second edition). Some of the topics are the characteristics and behavior of fire, t...

Osha Laboratory Standard - Implementation Guide

1st Edition

Richard Ennis
January 11, 1991

This manual contains four major components:1) An easy-to-follow discussion of the Standard's requirements, along with a plan for implementing management responsibilities;2) A fill-in schedule for assigning key responsibilities and establishing deadlines;3) A copy of the OSHA Lab Standard for easy...

Multiple Chemical Interactions

1st Edition

Edward J. Calabrese
December 19, 1990

This classic work on a vitally important and new topic contains over 1200 pages of complete information on chemical interactions as it pertains to environmental and medical concerns. It illustrates principles of interactions so you will have the conceptual basis for predicting responses to complex...

Exposure Assessment for Epidemiology and Hazard Control

1st Edition

November 21, 1990

What agents should be measured?How should measurement be performed and what averaging time should be used for the measurement?What sampling strategy should be employed to characterize exposures across individuals, locations, and time?What durations of exposure should be characterized?What...