Occupational Health & Safety

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CRC Handbook of Management of Radiation Protection Programs, Second Edition

2nd Edition

Kenneth L. Miller
September 25, 1992

CRC Handbook of Management of Radiation Protection Programs, 2nd Edition, is unique in that it offers practical guidance for managing various aspects of radiation protection programs ranging from the daily operation of a health physics office to the preparation of radiation experts for court...

A Guide To Task Analysis: The Task Analysis Working Group

1st Edition

B Kirwan, L. K. Ainsworth
September 09, 1992

This work shows readers how to target task analysis TA resources effectively over the life cycle of a project from conceptual design Through To Systems Operation, Noting The Role Of TA In Safety And Quality assurance, minimizing operator error,...

OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan

1st Edition

Neal Langerman, Leslie Putnam
August 27, 1992

All hospitals, physician and dental offices, ambulance companies, emergency medical technicians, medical laboratories, fire departments, and manufacturing sites with their own first aid clinics are required to comply with OSHA 1910.1030. This book provides you with (1) an employee exposure...

Dictionary & Thesaurus of Environment, Health & Safety

1st Edition

Us Dept Energy
August 20, 1992

Dictionary & Thesaurus of Environment, Health & Safety is the first and only dictionary/thesaurus to focus on the usage and structure of environment, health, and safety terminology. Containing nearly 600 pages, this book features thousands of terms that may be hard to find in any other reference...

Cumulative Trauma Disorders: Current Issues and Ergonomic Solutions

1st Edition

Kathryn G. Parker
July 21, 1992

OSHA frequently requires companies to implement the type of program promoted in Cumulative Trauma Disorders, the first and only book to address both the medical and ergonomic aspects of cumulative trauma. This combination of conservative medical intervention and attention to ergonomic design of...

Making Shiftwork Tolerable

1st Edition

T H Monk, S. Folkard
June 16, 1992

This text guides the reader through the many forms of shiftwork, adopting a broad definition as being any regularly-taken employment outside the "day working window" 06.00 to 18.00. The experiences of shiftworkers are described, along with those...

Chemical Hazards at Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants

1st Edition

Ruth Ann Buzzi
June 16, 1992

Water quality operators and lab personnel are exposed to a wide variety of chemical hazards. This is an important new guide to safety in the workplace. The book provides a concise, easy-to-use reference discussing chemical safety in the workplace for water quality treatment personnel. It reviews...

The Workplace Walk-Through

1st Edition

James P. Kornberg
April 22, 1992

The Workplace Walk-Through is the first volume in a series dedicated to providing physicians with more advanced tools for performing not only the routine tasks involved in occupational medicine, but also the most unusual and challenging assignments....

Gas Mixtures: Preparation and Control

1st Edition

Gary Nelson
April 14, 1992

Gas Mixtures provides practical suggestions and calculations for producing multicomponent test gas atmospheres. General topics addressed include sorbent evaluation, methods development, dosimeter testing, instrument calibration, atmospheric simulation, and gas analysis. Learn the tricks of the...

Hazardous Materials: Emergency Action Data

1st Edition

Charles R. Foden, Jack L. Weddell
December 29, 1991

This book is a reference guide that provides chemical, health, and safety information on more than 1,120 toxic and hazardous chemicals and lists nearly 3,000 synonyms used for the most commonly transported chemicals by railroad and highway carriers. Information comes straight from the manufacturers...

Applied Ergonomics Handbook

1st Edition

Michael J. Burke
December 18, 1991

Applied Ergonomics Handbook is a procedural guide that includes forms, protocols, and "real life" suggestions for preventing musculoskeletal trauma in the workplace. The book is based on the results of years of job site analysis experience using various techniques to find out which procedures are...

Understanding Indoor Air Quality

1st Edition

Bradford O. Brooks
December 02, 1991

Understanding Indoor Air Quality presents a comprehensive examination of indoor air pollution that addresses the scope, origins, social context, and human health consequences of this emerging public health issue. Topics including the history, social context, and point sources of pollutants and...