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Seafood: Effects of Technology on Nutrition

1st Edition

George M. Pigott, Barbara Tucker
May 16, 1990

Analyzes how the technology and commercial practices of cultivation affect the nutritive value of certain fish, molluscs, crustacea, and freshwater plants. Organized to reflect the sequence from growth, harvest, and capture, through transportation, storage, and processing, to packaging and distribut...

Roles of Copper in Lipid Metabolism

1st Edition

Kai Y. Lei
May 16, 1990

The aim of this book is to provide a reference for researchers in the field of trace mineral and lipid metabolism. It addresses the influence of dietary copper status on cholesterol, lipoprotein and apolipoprotein metabolism as well as lipoprotein receptor characteristics. This fascinating volume...

Flavonoid Metabolism

1st Edition

Helen A. Stafford
February 28, 1990

This comprehensive review discusses the biosynthesis and catabolism of flavonoids and their regulation in plants. This interesting work approaches the subject matter from both a historical and methodological point of view. It places emphasis on key regulatory enzymic steps in the two pathways...

Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Health and Disease

1st Edition

February 09, 1990

A report from research in the MIT Sea Grant College Program. Discusses the relationship between particular fatty acids found only in fish oil, and human health. Presents and evaluates information on the health effects of dietary fats generally; evidence that fish oil consumption affects the incidenc...

Iron Metabolism in Infants

1st Edition

Bo Lonnerdal
November 30, 1989

There is a critical need for iron intake during the first period of life. The growing infant requires iron to synthesize hemoglobin and to supply expanding tissues with iron-containing enzymes. A lack of iron will eventually lead to iron deficiency anemia, one of the most common single nutrient...

Biochemistry of Vitamin A

1st Edition

Jagannath Ganguly
September 30, 1989

The main emphasis of this text is on the biochemistry, metabolism and systemic mode of action of vitamin A. The physiological, biochemical and nutritional aspects of naturally occurring retinoids are clearly addressed. Chapters review biogenesis, absorption, storage, transport, and metabolic...

Absorption and Utilization of Amino Acids, Volume I

1st Edition

Mendel Friedman
July 31, 1989

Containing 45 papers written by outstanding international authors from 14 countries, this three-volume compendium brings together the elements needed to understand the factors which influence the utilization of amino acids. The wide-ranging topics include descriptions of metabolic pathways and...

Proteins and Non-protein Nitrogen in Human Milk

1st Edition

Stephanie Atkinson, Bo Lonnerdal
June 30, 1989

For the first time, an entire publication has been dedicated to providing a critical review of the identification and analysis of the milk specific proteins such as lactalbumin, lactoferrin and casein; the non-milk specific proteins such as plasma and membrane proteins; and the minor...

Nutrition and Cancer Prevention

1st Edition

Thomas Moon
October 21, 1988

Scientific advances have led to the recognition that many chronic diseases such as cancer may be preventable. In this volume, 36 contributions test cancer prevention hypotheses, attempt to interpret their results, and provide a guide to the background, rationale, and selection of cancer prevention a...

Drugs and Nutrients: The Interactive Effects

1st Edition

D. A. Roe
May 03, 1984