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Foods & Nutrition Encyclopedia, Two Volume Set

Marion Eugene Ensminger, Audrey H. Ensminger
November 09, 1993

Foods and Nutrition Encyclopedia, Second Edition is the updated, expanded version of what has been described as a "monumental, classic work." This new edition contains more than 2,400 pages; 1,692 illustrations, 96 of which are full-color photographs; 2,800 entries (topics); and 463 tables,...

Low-Calorie Foods Handbook

March 12, 1993

This reference examines all aspects of low-calorie foods - including their history, technology, ingredients, governing regulations, position of the food market and future prospects - while addressing the medical and social rationale for their development.;Discussing the full range of processed...

Nutrients as Ergogenic Aids for Sports and Exercise

Luke R. Bucci
February 22, 1993

Nutrients as Ergogenic Aids for Sports and Exercise discusses the growing body of information regarding the enhancement of human physical performance by dietary manipulations through ergogenesis. It balances the application of nutritional manipulations between overzealous promoters and recalcitrant...

Vitamin E in Health and Disease: Biochemistry and Clinical Applications

Lester Packer
October 30, 1992

Probes developments and trends in research and clinical applications of vitamin E, discussing its chemistry and biochemistry and natural occurence in nuts, seeds, whole grains and vegetable and fish-liver oils. The book covers new findings on the role of vitamin E as a biological response modifier....

Nutrient Modulation of the Immune Response

September 22, 1992

This book demonstrates that nutrients play a direct role as co-factors and regulators of the immune system. The book also shows that modulating the immune response with nutrients can provide a fundamental approach to preventive medicine.;Containing nearly 2300 bibliographic citations as well as...

Extra- and Intracellular Calcium and Phosphate Regulation: From Basic Research to Clinical Medicine

Felix Bronner, Meinrad Peterlik
February 21, 1992

Extra- and Intracellular Calcium and Phosphate Regulation: From Basic Research to Clinical Medicine presents thinking and front-line research addressing calcium and phosphate homeostasis and related clinical problems. Major topics include calcium and phosphate transport in the mammalian body and...

Current Concepts in Carnitine Research: A Medical College of Georgia Symposium

A. Lee Carter
December 19, 1991

Current Concepts in Carnitine Research is based on the proceedings of a symposium on carnitine research presented by the School of Medicine, Medical College of Georgia, April 20-21, 1991. The book is intended to introduce areas of carnitine research and explore key clinical and basic aspects of...

New Protein Foods in Human Health: Nutrition, Prevention, and Therapy

Fred H. Steinke, Doyle H. Waggle, Michel N. Volgarev
October 24, 1991

This book is a compilation of recent research on the use of new food proteins to improve the economics, nutrition, and health of foods. The book places particular emphasis on the use of new plant protein sources in the diet, the development of new foods, and the modification of existing foods to...

Infant and Child Nutrition Worldwide: Issues and Perspectives

Frank Falkner
October 02, 1991

This volume provides a contemporary and historical overview of infant nutrition in Europe, North America, and the Third World. It emphasizes the important role that good nutrition, appropriate health care, and a caring environment play in promoting healthy physical and social growth in children....

Nutrition, Toxicity, and Cancer

Ian R. Rowland
August 26, 1991

Nutrition, Toxicity, and Cancer provides practical guidance on methodology for formulating diets and designing nutritional studies in animals and humans, in addition to valuable information on how nutrition influences specific biological processes such as biotransformation of foreign and...

Iron and Your Health: Facts and Fallacies

Thomas F. Emery
May 21, 1991

This book examines health problems ranging from heart attacks to cancer that may be associated with excess dietary iron. Much of the material is quite controversial and challenges current dogma practiced by physicians and nutritionists. The book relays important, although little know facts about...