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Absorption and Utilization of Amino Acids, Volume I

1st Edition

Mendel Friedman
July 31, 1989

Containing 45 papers written by outstanding international authors from 14 countries, this three-volume compendium brings together the elements needed to understand the factors which influence the utilization of amino acids. The wide-ranging topics include descriptions of metabolic pathways and...

Proteins and Non-protein Nitrogen in Human Milk

1st Edition

Stephanie Atkinson, Bo Lonnerdal
June 30, 1989

For the first time, an entire publication has been dedicated to providing a critical review of the identification and analysis of the milk specific proteins such as lactalbumin, lactoferrin and casein; the non-milk specific proteins such as plasma and membrane proteins; and the minor...

Nutrition and Cancer Prevention

1st Edition

Thomas Moon
October 21, 1988

Scientific advances have led to the recognition that many chronic diseases such as cancer may be preventable. In this volume, 36 contributions test cancer prevention hypotheses, attempt to interpret their results, and provide a guide to the background, rationale, and selection of cancer prevention a...

Nutritional Pathology: Pathobiochemistry of Dietary Imbalances

1st Edition

H. Sidransky
April 25, 1985

This book examines several recent, major developments in the field of nutritional pathology, providing enhanced, current understanding of the role that altered or disturbed nutrition plays in the pathogenesis of disease. It is intended for students in pathology, nutrition, and biochemistry....

Drugs and Nutrients: The Interactive Effects

1st Edition

D. A. Roe
May 03, 1984

This book is devoted to the effects of food and of nutrient intake on the disposition of foreign compounds, and discusses effects of drugs on nutrition. It is intended for nutritionists and clinical investigators concerned with interpretation of aberrant effects of therapeutic drugs....