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Macronutrients: Investigating Their Role in Cancer

1st Edition

M. S. Micozzi
January 28, 1992


Current Concepts in Carnitine Research: A Medical College of Georgia Symposium

1st Edition

A. Lee Carter
December 19, 1991

Current Concepts in Carnitine Research is based on the proceedings of a symposium on carnitine research presented by the School of Medicine, Medical College of Georgia, April 20-21, 1991. The book is intended to introduce areas of carnitine research and explore key clinical and basic aspects of...

New Protein Foods in Human Health: Nutrition, Prevention, and Therapy

1st Edition

Fred H. Steinke, Doyle H. Waggle, Michel N. Volgarev
October 24, 1991

This book is a compilation of recent research on the use of new food proteins to improve the economics, nutrition, and health of foods. The book places particular emphasis on the use of new plant protein sources in the diet, the development of new foods, and the modification of existing foods to...

Infant and Child Nutrition Worldwide: Issues and Perspectives

1st Edition

Frank Falkner
October 02, 1991

This volume provides a contemporary and historical overview of infant nutrition in Europe, North America, and the Third World. It emphasizes the important role that good nutrition, appropriate health care, and a caring environment play in promoting healthy physical and social growth in children....

Nutrition, Toxicity, and Cancer

1st Edition

Ian R. Rowland
August 26, 1991

Nutrition, Toxicity, and Cancer provides practical guidance on methodology for formulating diets and designing nutritional studies in animals and humans, in addition to valuable information on how nutrition influences specific biological processes such as biotransformation of foreign and...

Iron and Your Health: Facts and Fallacies

1st Edition

Thomas F. Emery
May 21, 1991

This book examines health problems ranging from heart attacks to cancer that may be associated with excess dietary iron. Much of the material is quite controversial and challenges current dogma practiced by physicians and nutritionists. The book relays important, although little know facts about...

Nutrition in the '90s: Current Controversies and Analysis

1st Edition

Gerald E. Gaull
March 28, 1991

In ten essays commissioned by the NutraSweet Company, contributors from the health and food sciences explain to the general consumer that nutrition is not as simple as some people make it out to be, and there are still questions about sugar, cholesterol, obesity, and other topics. Annotation copyrig...

Phosphates in Food

1st Edition

Ricardo A. Molins
November 21, 1990

Phosphates in Food provides the first comprehensive analysis of phosphates used in food processing in almost 20 years. The book describes the nomenclature, structure, chemistry, and analytical procedures for phosphates in foods. Interactions between added and some natural phosphates and food...

Hormones and Vitamins in Cancer Treatment

1st Edition

Aurel Lupulescu
October 24, 1990

Hormones and Vitamins in Cancer Treatment is intended to serve as a therapeuticial guide for physicians using non-aggressive methods, such as hormonotherapy and vitamin therapy, when treating cancer patients. This book provides the rationale and scientific basis for hormones and vitamins, which...

Vitamin Intake and Health: A Scientific Review

1st Edition

Suzanne K. Gaby
September 28, 1990

Describes the biochemical and physiological effects of most of the clinically important vitamins, and presents indications of the health benefits of vitamin intake beyond the levels currently established as recommended daily allowance by the National Academy of Science. The analysis focuses primaril...


1st Edition

F.C.M. Driessens, R.K. Verbeeck
September 26, 1990

This book provides a comprehensive analysis of biominerals, in particular phosphates and carbonates of calcium. The book begins with a discussion of the theories of solid state chemistry and thermodynamics of ionic solid solutions and applies these theories to show how physiological constituents...

Protein Nutrition and Mineral Absorption

1st Edition

Raul A. Wapnir
September 25, 1990

This volume presents information regarding the mechanisms of protein absorption under normal and pathologic conditions, in addition to reviewing changes that occur at various stages of life. General modifiers of intestinal absorption, such as the processing of foods, the nutritional status of the...