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Kinetic Models of Trace Element and Mineral Metabolism During Development

1st Edition

K. N. Siva Subramanian, Meryl E. Wastney-Pentchev
August 01, 1995

Kinetic models are becoming standard tools in the research of biological systems. They are used to represent hypotheses, analyze data, and design experiments to maximize the information obtained from a study. Kinetic Models of Trace Element and Mineral Metabolism During Development describes models...

The Concise Encyclopedia of Foods & Nutrition

1st Edition

Audrey H. Ensminger, Marion Eugene Ensminger, James E. Konlande, John R.K. Robson
April 21, 1995

From the reviews of the first edition...

Vitamin B-6 Metabolism in Pregnancy, Lactation, and Infancy

1st Edition

Daniel J. Raiten
March 28, 1995

This book provides a comprehensive review of our knowledge of vitamin B-6 requirements and metabolism throughout pregnancy and lactation. It concentrates on two primary points: adequacy of available methodologies and a presentation of the extant knowledge on vitamin B-6 metabolism and requirements...

Nutrition for the Recreational Athlete

1st Edition

Catherine G. R. Jackson
February 06, 1995

This exciting new book provides accurate and up-to-date information to both recreational athletes and to those persons who support athlete's nutritional practices. It is organized by activity rather than nutrient providing quicker and easier access to information. In addition to traditional...

Sports Nutrition: Minerals and Electrolytes

1st Edition

Constance Kies, Judy A. Driskell
February 06, 1995

This book addresses the relationships of mineral and electrolyte needs and interactions to sports and exercise. There are chapters written by experts with long histories of research in this area. Chapters include descriptions of specific research projects, as well as literature reviews. Convincing...

Nutritional Care of HIV-Positive Persons: A Manual for Individuals and Their Caregivers

1st Edition

James F. Hickson, Jr., Saroj M. Bahl
February 06, 1995

As the AIDS crisis continues, nutrition therapy has taken an important role in maximizing the body's capacity to fight HIV infection and AIDS as well as improving the quality of life when living with AIDS. Nutritional Care of HIV-Positive Persons: A Manual for Individuals and Their Caregivers...

Nutrition for the Hospitalized Patient: Basic Science and Principles of Practice

1st Edition

January 25, 1995

This work offers detailed coverage of the biochemical and metabolic framework that forms the basis for the current theory of nutrition support. It presents analyses of the practical aspects of providing nutrition to hospitalized patients, and examines nutrition support in critical care and sepsis,...

Calcium and Magnesium Metabolism in Early Life

1st Edition

Reginald C. Tsang
January 09, 1995

This exciting new book introduces emerging concepts of the physiology and pathophysiology of mineral metabolism. Fetal, neonatal and infant growth challenge the mineral homeostatic system in a remarkable manner, and the interplay of genetics, hormone responses, nutrition and external physical...

Childhood Nutrition

1st Edition

Fima Lifshitz
November 28, 1994

An invaluable resource, Childhood Nutrition provides accurate facts on current concepts in pediatric nutrition, including theories of nutrition in the pathophysiology of disease and in developing nutritional healthcare plans. Written by an outstanding group of specialists, each chapter is...

Nutrition Applied to Injury Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine

1st Edition

Luke R. Bucci
October 25, 1994

This timely and exciting new book brings together for the first time the readily available choices of dietary supplements and their relationship to injury rehabilitation. Nutrition Applied to Injury Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine supports the rational use of specific nutrients for specific...

Practical Handbook of Nutrition in Clinical Practice

1st Edition

Donald F. Kirby, Stanley J. Dudrick
July 12, 1994

The Practical Handbook of Nutrition in Clinical Practice is an excellent supplement to standard textbooks in nutrition support and a must-have reference for those with an interest in this area. The text reviews nutrition assessment techniques from the very basic to the latest research methods. The...

Dietetic Service Operation Handbook: Practical Applications in Geriatric Care

1st Edition

Karen Kolasa
March 28, 1994

Approved by the Dietary Managers Association for 9 CEUs through September 1998!Here is a useful guide that helps both administrators and food service workers understand the daily functions of their dietary departments. Dietetic Service Operation Handbook enhances extended caregivers’knowledge...