Sports Nutrition

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Extreme and Rare Sports: Performance Demands, Drivers, Functional Foods, and Nutrition

1st Edition

Sourya Datta, Debasis Bagchi
May 24, 2019

Two crucial components of a healthy life are nutrition and exercise. The importance of appropriate diet, food and nutrition are extremely important to be successful in sports, and, especially, in extreme sports. Extreme sport is an activity where a participant must demonstrate both mental and...

Sports Nutrition for Paralympic Athletes, Second Edition

2nd Edition

Elizabeth Broad
May 06, 2019

Sports participation opportunities for individuals with impairments are increasing. Whether an athlete is beginning a sport or competing on the world stage for a podium finish, nutrition is recognized as being integral to optimizing their health, training capacity, and performance. Some athletes...

Body Composition: Health and Performance in Exercise and Sport

1st Edition

Henry C. Lukaski
June 06, 2017

Interest in the relationships between body structure and function in physical activity has persisted for centuries. Body Composition: Health and Performance in Exercise and Sport advances understanding beyond simple descriptions of body physique and composition of athletes and fills gaps in our...

Sports Nutrition Needs for Child and Adolescent Athletes

1st Edition

Chad M. Kerksick, Elizabeth Fox
May 06, 2016

As the number of child and adolescent athletes continues to increase each year, more children are being exposed to greater training volumes and increasing physical demands—making the need for nutritional and recovery guidance increasingly important. While massive amounts of empirical research are...

Handbook of Functional Beverages and Human Health

1st Edition

Fereidoon Shahidi, Cesarettin Alasalvar
March 09, 2016

Handbook of Functional Beverages and Human Health provides potential applications and new developments in functional beverages, nutraceuticals, and health foods. In addition to serving as a reference manual, it summarizes the current state of knowledge in key research areas and contains novel ideas...

Fluid Balance, Hydration, and Athletic Performance

1st Edition

Flavia Meyer, Zbigniew Szygula, Boguslaw Wilk
December 22, 2015

Fluid Balance, Hydration, and Athletic Performance presents a comprehensive review of aspects relating to body fluid balance, rehydration, sport, and physical exercise. The content is scientifically supported, practical, and suitably written for a range of audiences, including academics (professors...

Nutrition for Elite Athletes

1st Edition

Eric S. Rawson, Stella Lucia Volpe
August 25, 2015

In order to achieve and maintain peak performance, high-level athletes require the right nutrition at the right time. Nutrition for Elite Athletes provides a comprehensive overview of the latest research on the nutritional requirements of athletes at the top of their game.Since researchers,...

Optimizing Physical Performance During Fasting and Dietary Restriction: Implications for Athletes and Sports Medicine

1st Edition

Ezdine Bouhlel, Roy J. Shephard
August 18, 2015

Optimizing Physical Performance During Fasting and Dietary Restriction examines the effects of sustained fasting and food restrictions on metabolism and physical performance in athletes. It provides broad coverage including both religious and non-religious fasting and dietary restrictions. This...

School Nutrition and Activity: Impacts on Well-Being

1st Edition

Areej Hassan
March 20, 2015

This title includes a number of Open Access chapters. Childhood obesity is a major public health crisis nationally and internationally. This insightful compendium provides valuable information and assesses the research foundations behind several school initiatives to help combat the epidemic of...

Nutrition and Performance in Masters Athletes

1st Edition

Peter R.J. Reaburn
October 15, 2014

Addresses the Aging Process and Its Effect on Sports Performance Age-related changes influence all physiological systems, including those used during exercise and sport. Highlighting masters athletes—older adults who train and compete in organized sports—Nutrition and Performance in Masters...

Antioxidants in Sport Nutrition

1st Edition

Manfred Lamprecht
September 17, 2014

The use of antioxidants in sports is controversial due to existing evidence that they both support and hinder athletic performance. Antioxidants in Sport Nutrition covers antioxidant use in the athlete´s basic nutrition and discusses the controversies surrounding the usefulness of antioxidant...

Carnitine Metabolism and Human Nutrition

1st Edition

Benjamin T. Wall, Craig Porter
June 26, 2014

Carnitine Metabolism and Human Nutrition offers a contemporary and in-depth look at the biological effects of carnitine metabolism and its application to clinical and sports nutrition, based on decades of robust scientific enquiry. It gathers and distills key results of the last 20 years of...