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Nano-Surface Chemistry

Morton Rosoff
September 27, 2001

Containing more than 2600 references and over 550 equations, drawings, tables, photographs, and micrographs, This book describes hierarchical assemblies in biology and biological processes that occur at the nanoscale across membranes and at interfaces. It covers recurrent themes in nanocolloid...

Flexures: Elements of Elastic Mechanisms

Stuart T. Smith
August 08, 2000

This book presents some basic flexure geometries and the analytic models, which can be assessed for specific design applications. The author then goes beyond this fundamental explanation to explore more sophisticated issues. Specifically, the text discusses integration of these flexure geometries...

Physics and Chemistry of Nano-structured Materials

Shihe Yang
November 11, 1999

The development of nanostructured materials represents a new and fast evolving application of recent research in physics and chemistry. Novel experimental tools coupled with new theory have made this possible. Topics covered in this book include nanocrystals, semiconductor heterostructures,...

Handbook of Micro/Nano Tribology

Bharat Bhushan
December 17, 1998

This second edition of Handbook of Micro/Nanotribology addresses the rapid evolution within this field, serving as a reference for the novice and the expert alike. Two parts divide this handbook: Part I covers basic studies, and Part II addresses design, construction, and applications to magnetic...

Microlithography Fundamentals in Semiconductor Devices and Fabrication Technology

Saburo Nonogaki, Ueno Takumi, Toshio Ito
June 25, 1998

"Explores the science and technology of lithographic processes and resist materials and summarizes the most recent innovations in semiconductor manufacturing. Considers future trends in lithography and resist material technology. Reviews the interaction of light, electron beams, and X-rays with...

Structural and Optical Properties of Porous Silicon Nanostructures

G Amato, C. Delerue, H J VonBardeleben
February 25, 1998

This volume provides a comprehensive review of the experimental and theoretical aspects of the optical and transport properties of nanoporous silicon, their relation to the microscopic structure of nanocrystals, and the application of porous silicon in optical devices. As porous silicon is an ideal...

Nanomaterials: Synthesis, Properties and Applications, Second Edition

A.S Edelstein, R.C Cammaratra
January 01, 1998

Nanomaterials: Synthesis, Properties and Applications provides a comprehensive introduction to nanomaterials, from how to make them to example properties, processing techniques, and applications. Contributions by leading international researchers and teachers in academic, government, and industrial...

Smart Materials and Structures: Proceedings of the 4th European and 2nd MIMR Conference, Harrogate, UK, 6-8 July 1998

G.R Tomlinson, W.A Bullough
January 01, 1998

Significant changes have occurred in materials science, including increasing demands on life extensions, and the reliability and exploitability of components, materials, and structures. These changes provide smart technologies with excellent application opportunities in aerospace, civil and...

Handbook of Nanophase Materials

Avery Goldstein
June 17, 1997

"Integrates current research on submicron-sized domain materials. Provides fundamental insight into particle size control and nanophase methodologies and materials--addressing specific problems in a host of research fields, including chemistry, physics, materials science, and engineering."...

Principles of Colloid and Surface Chemistry, Revised and Expanded

March 18, 1997

This work aims to familiarize students with the fundamentals of colloid and surface science, from various types of colloids and colloidal phenomena, and classical and modern characterization/measurement techniques to applications of colloids and surface science in engineering, technology, chemistry...

Carbon Nanotubes: Preparation and Properties

Thomas W. Ebbesen
October 09, 1996

Nanomaterials are destined to become a discipline as distinct and important as polymers are in chemistry! With the realization that the structure of molecules such as C60 and C70 followed simple geometric principles, it became clear that a great variety of hollow, closed carbon structures,...

Molecular Electronics: Properties: Dynamics, and Applications

March 05, 1996

Integrating molecular physics and information theory, this work presents molecular electronics as a method for information storage and retrieval that incorporates nanometer-scaled systems, uses microscopic particles and exploits the laws of quantum mechanics. It furnishes application examples...