Nanoscience & Technology

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Nanostructured Silicon-based Powders and Composites

1st Edition

Andre Pierre Legrand, Christiane Senemaud
October 24, 2002

In recent years an increasing interest has been devoted to nanostructured composites. This attention is largely due to exciting possible applications ranging from new catalysts to the preparation of nanocomposites ceramics, with significant improvements in their properties. This book provides a...

Spin Dependent Transport in Magnetic Nanostructures

1st Edition

Sadamichi Maekawa, Teruya Shinjo
July 11, 2002

In magnetic systems of nano-meter size, the interplay between spin and charge of electrons provides unique transport phenomena. In magnetic superlattices, magnetic and non-magnetic metallic thin films with thickness of the order of one nano-meter are piled-up alternately. Since the discovery of...

Nanotechnology: Basic Science and Emerging Technologies

1st Edition

Mick Wilson, Kamali Kannangara, Geoff Smith, Michelle Simmons, Burkhard Raguse
June 27, 2002

The emergence of nanoscience portends a revolution in technology that will soon impact virtually every facet of our technological lives. Yet there is little understanding of what it is among the educated public and often among scientists and engineers in other disciplines. Furthermore, despite the...

Smart Technology Demonstrators and Devices 2001

1st Edition

G Manson, N Parkes, G.R Tomlinson, K Worden, W.A Bullough, W.J Staszewski
June 01, 2002

In recent years there have been many significant advances in smart technologies. To assess this progress, to promote new concepts, and to aid the transfer of technologies from the laboratory to the marketplace, a unique conference was held in December 2001in Edinburgh, Scotland. Smart Technology...

Microelectrofluidic Systems: Modeling and Simulation

1st Edition

Tianhao Zhang, Krishnendu Chakrabarty, Richard B. Fair
May 17, 2002

Composite systems that integrate microelectromechanical and microelectrofluidic (MEF) components with electronics are emerging as the next generation of system-on-a-chip (SOC) designs. However, there remains a pressing need for a structured methodology for MEFS design automation, including...

Atomic and Molecular Clusters

1st Edition

Roy L. Johnston
April 25, 2002

Cluster physics is the foundation of the increasingly important field of nanotechnology. Clusters, ranging in size from a few to many millions of atoms, constitute a fascinating field of research in physics, chemistry and materials science. They are formed by most of the elements of the Periodic...

Nanostructured Materials: Processing, Properties and Applications

1st Edition

C. Koch
March 01, 2002

Nanostructure science and technology has become an identifiable, if very broad and multidisciplinary, field of research and emerging application in recent years. It is one of the most visible and growing research areas in materials science in its broadest sense. Nanostructured materials include...

MEMS and NEMS: Systems, Devices, and Structures

1st Edition

Sergey Edward Lyshevski
January 18, 2002

The development of micro- and nano-mechanical systems (MEMS and NEMS) foreshadows momentous changes not only in the technological world, but in virtually every aspect of human life. The future of the field is bright with opportunities, but also riddled with challenges, ranging from further...

Fabrication of Silicon Microprobes for Optical Near-Field Applications

1st Edition

Phan Ngoc Minh, Ono Takahito, Esashi Masayoshi
January 15, 2002

The development of near-field optics marked a major advance in microscopy and our ability to develop nanoscale technologies. However, the tapered optical fiber widely in use as the optical near-field probe has serious limitations in its fabrication, its optical transmission efficiency, and its use...

Metal Nanoparticles: Synthesis, Characterization, and Applications

1st Edition

Daniel L. Fedlheim, Colby A. Foss
October 26, 2001

A state-of-the-art reference, Metal Nanoparticles offers the latest research on the synthesis, characterization, and applications of nanoparticles. Following an introduction of structural, optical, electronic, and electrochemical properties of nanoparticles, the book elaborates on nanoclusters,...

Nano-Surface Chemistry

1st Edition

Morton Rosoff
September 27, 2001

Containing more than 2600 references and over 550 equations, drawings, tables, photographs, and micrographs, This book describes hierarchical assemblies in biology and biological processes that occur at the nanoscale across membranes and at interfaces. It covers recurrent themes in nanocolloid...

Flexures: Elements of Elastic Mechanisms

1st Edition

Stuart T. Smith
August 08, 2000

This book presents some basic flexure geometries and the analytic models, which can be assessed for specific design applications. The author then goes beyond this fundamental explanation to explore more sophisticated issues. Specifically, the text discusses integration of these flexure geometries...