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What is the Future for a Primary Care-Led NHS?

Robert Boyd
January 01, 1960

Tax planning can lead to considerable efficiencies, but few GPs have been trained as businessmen. This book in "The Business Side of General Practice" series, provides a guide to the regulations, identifies the pitfalls and opportunities and shows how to maximize the income retained by the practice...

Therapeutics in Pregnancy and Lactation

Anne Lee, Sally Inch, David Finegan
January 01, 1960


Research Opportunities in Primary Care

Yvonne Carter, Kate Thomas
January 01, 1960

'Medical technology is beneficial for well researched dangerous diseases. However, most symptoms that people bring to their primary care physician have no single clearly identifiable cause: investigations and drugs do more harm than good - and also waste resources - ' - Wilfrid Treasure Diagnosis...

Primary Care: Understanding Health Need and Demand

Anne Rogers, Heather Eliott
January 01, 1960

'How many general practitioners ended up in their roles thanks to a faint breeze nudging them in a given direction? How many successes resulted from failure? Some of the most successful practices were built up from nothing, and some of the happiest doctors spent time not being doctors. Despite the...

Making Choices for Healthcare

Frank Honigsbaum, Stefan Holmstrom, Johann Calltorp
January 01, 1960


Evidence-Based and Cost-Effective Medicine for the Uninitiated

David B. Cooper
January 01, 1960

The use of home detoxification enables health care workers to avoid episodes of in-patient care, with its inherent high costs and secondary problems of label attachment and possible stigmatization. Patients, their carers (professional, voluntary and domestic), families and friends all involved in...

The Collected Letters of Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, Volume 2

January 01, 1941

This volume (the 2nd of a series of 19) contains 21 letters written between 1676 and 1679. Every volume in the series contains the texts in the original Dutch and an English translation. The great range of subjects studied by Van Leeuwenhoek is reflected in these letters: instruments to measure...