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Sensitization in the Nervous System

Charles D. Barnes
October 15, 1988

Sensitization is a concept of learning and memory that has grown out of experiments on "simple" animals. Interest in sensitization has grown tremendously in the last several years, fueled mainly by evidence of the molecular basis of sensitization in invertebrates on the one hand and the study of...

Parasitic Infections in the Compromised Host

Peter D. Walzer, Robert M. Genta
October 13, 1988

The first in a new series created to acknowledge the explosion of knowledge in fields related to infectious disesases and clinical microbiology. Thirteen contributions focus on organisms which are of major medical importance in this country or which have contributed to an understanding of pathology....

CRC Handbook of Animal Models for the Rheumatic Diseases, Volume I

Robert A. Greenwald, Herbert S. Diamond
September 30, 1988

Detailed methods of the most widely used and best established animal models and related approaches to the study of rheumatic diseases and their treatment are presented in this major reference book. The detailed description of each model allows the reader to select the model most appropriate for...

Epidemiology of Human Reproduction

Bengt Kallen
September 30, 1988

This comprehensive overview covering the field of reproductive epidemiology examines the impact of environmental factors related to embryonic and fetal development. Innovative techniques are highlighted, illustrating special problems related to reproductive epidemiology. Specific environmental...

Immunocytochemistry: Theory and Practice

Lars-Inge Larsson
July 31, 1988

A complete and balanced overview of all aspects of immunocytochemistry is presented providing a clear understanding of their impact on experiment. All available techniques and many diagnostic and research applications are included, as well as practical step-by-step instructions for carrying out...

24 Hour Primary Care

Chris Salisbury
July 01, 1988


Transactions 28th European Strabismological Association Meeting: Transactions of the 28th ESA Meeting, Bergen Norway, June 2003

Jan-Tjeerd H.N. de Faber
June 01, 1988

This book contains all oral presentations, posters, and workshop transactions of the 28th Meeting of the European Strabismological Association that took place in Bergen, Norway. The highlight of the meeting is the ESA-lecture what can eye muscle studies tell us about strabismus by Prof. Gunnar...

A Colour Atlas of Haematological Cytology, Second Edition

May 31, 1988

:The second edition of this atlas has been revised and greatly en-larged to take account of recent diagnostic advances in the field of haematology. It contains 750 color photomicrographs of common and less common cell types, and is intended to supplement the per-sonal study of preparations under...

Breast Cancer Collaborative Management

April 01, 1988

Prominent specialists champion the view that contemporary management of breast, or any, cancer requires the partnership of physicians, nurses, social workers, and all others whose special training and talents should be integrated for treating the whole patient. Here is the book that sets forth the...

Hemostasis and Animal Venoms

Hubert Pirkle
March 14, 1988


Toxicology-A Primer on Toxicology Principles and Applications

Michael A. Kamrin
February 01, 1988

Different from other books, this unique volume presents basic toxicology principles and applications in a sophisticated yet nontechnical style. It provides an understanding of both the strengths and limitations of the discipline of toxicology and its benefits. This primer is valuable for virtually...