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The Nephrotic Syndrome

J. S. Cameron
December 29, 1987


Pediatric Transfusion Medicine, Volume I

Duke Kasprisin, Naomi Luban
July 31, 1987

This two-volume set is an in-depth examination of the unique complexities that exist in transfusing pediatric patients. It thoroughly examines transfusion therapy in neonates, genetic hematologic disorders, and pediatric oncology, and it reviews risks and administration techniques unique to...

Cardiovascular System and Physical Exercise

Victor L. Karpman
May 31, 1987

This book focuses on adaptation and control of the cardiovascular system, along with myocardial and vascular reactions that provide the optimal blood flow under physical activity. New information on the main hemodynamic values measured with the help of updated methods used in the research of heart...

Modern Analysis of Antibodies

Adorjan Aszalos
February 21, 1986


Proceedings of the Taniguchi Symposia on Brain Sciences, Volume 9: Molecular Genetics in Developmental Neurobiology

January 01, 1986

Molecular genetics in neurobiology has developed rapidly with the introduction of the new and productive methodologies of genetic engineering and cell manipulation. Particularly in the field of developmental neurobiology, molecular genetics has had impact in research on the molecular mechanism of...

Proceedings of the Taniguchi Symposia on Brain Sciences, Volume 8: Endogenous Sleep Substances and Sleep Regulation

Inoué, Borbély
December 01, 1985

This volume provides the first major overview, by eminent authorities on the subject, of recent developments in the field of endogenous substances and their regulation of sleep processes. The first two sections discuss general aspects of sleep regulation; including an historical overview, the...