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Visual Disorders in the Handicapped Child

1st Edition

J.L. Goble
February 28, 1984


Skin and Aging Processes

1st Edition

Barbara A. Gilchrest
February 10, 1984

This text deals comprehensively with the aging processes of the skin. It organizes the disciplines of dermatologic gerontology and geriatrics, and critically examines their current content with an eye to future needs. All aspects of the aging processes in the skin are considered: psychosocial...

The Clinical Research Process in the Pharmaceutical Industry

1st Edition

Gary M. Matoren
December 13, 1983

This book examines the sequence of events and methodology in the industrial clinical research process; a reference for multidisciplinary personnel. It is the conceptual framework involving the philosophical, economic, political, historical, regulatory, planning, and marketing aspects of the process....

Proceedings of the Taniguchi Symposia on Brain Sciences, Volume 5: Structure and Function of Peptidergic and Aminergic Neurons

1st Edition

Sano, Ibata, Zimmerman
December 01, 1983

Chemical markers have brought important new dimensions to the studies of the brain. As a result of this development, the chemical anatomy of the neurons system is being explored in great detail. This new functional neuroanatomy has demonstrated new organizations of perikaryal groupings of neurons...

Polyether Antibiotics: Naturally Occurring Acid Ionophores--Volume 2: Chemistry

1st Edition

J. W. Westley
March 25, 1983

This collection of essays will stimulate the use of ionophores in different research areas. It includes information on potential breakthroughs in the halogenated derivatives of lasalocid and ethers of antibiotic A204A, polyethers and analytical techniques used to unravel their complex structures....

Regression Analysis of Survival Data in Cancer Chemotherapy

1st Edition

January 18, 1983

This book presents ideas and procedures for regression analysis of survival data in cancer chemotherapy based on regression-based approaches for improvements in the quality of care through the effective location of optimal treatment levels. It is useful for cancer chemotherapists....


2nd Edition

Milo Gibaldi, Donald Perrier
September 15, 1982

This book is based on research papers and commentaries on pharmacokinetic methods and applications published since 1975. It offers detailed examinations of new developments in the pharmacokinetic field with enhanced clarity of presentation and simplified organization....

Occupational Lung Diseases: Research Approaches and Methods

1st Edition

H. Weill
November 01, 1981

This book discriminates and emphasizes approaches that are likely to be productive in terms of understanding the causation and mechanisms of occupational lung diseases. It benefits research academicians in the field of lung diseases, and government and public health authorities....

Genetic Determinants of Pulmonary Disease

1st Edition

S. D. Litwin
August 01, 1978

This book provides a current and integrated approach to the subject of genetic determinants of pulmonary disease with emphasis on physiologic derangements and genetic mechanisms. It describes the epidemiologic-genetic approach to chronic pulmonary disease....

Primary Child and Adolescent Mental Health: A Practical Guide, Volume 3

1st Edition

Quentin Spender, Judith Barnsley, Alison Davies, Jenny Murphy
January 01, 1960

Rewritten with the new primary care environment in mind, this greatly expanded and updated edition of Child Mental Health in Primary Care extends the structured approach of the first edition to adoelscent mental health. As in the first edition, Primary Child and Adolescent Mental Health covers each...