Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

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Surgical Pathology of the Head and Neck

3rd Edition

Leon Barnes
December 23, 2008

Surgical Pathology of the Head and Neck, Third Edition is a complete stand-alone reference covering all aspects of head and neck pathology. Providing an interdisciplinary approach to the diagnosis, treatment, and management of head and neck diseases, this source promotes clear communication between...

Oral Radiosurgery: An Illustrated Clinical Guide

3rd Edition

Jeffrey A. Sherman
August 12, 2005

Providing safe, fast, and efficient incision with an improved field of vision, radiosurgery is one of the most important and versatile instruments in modern dentistry. Here, in this best-selling, step-by-step guide to the safe practice of a wide variety of clinical procedures, Sherman builds upon...

Color Atlas of Orofacial Health and Disease in Children and Adolescents: Diagnosis and Management, Second Edition

2nd Edition

Crispian Scully, Richard Welbury, Catherine Flaitz, Oslei Paes de Almeida
November 08, 2001

Like the successful first edition, this improved, updated and expanded second edition profiles the common orofacial disorders and a wide range of less common and some rare disorders. The focus is on the occurrence of these disorders in children and adolescents, and the author tailors the commentary...