General Surgery Incl. MRCS

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Organ Preservation and Transplant Surgery

1st Edition

Jean-Michel Dubernard, Marwan Dawahra, Paul McMaster
March 27, 2003

This new book, edited by internationally renowned specialists, also pools the experience of consultants from both Europe and the US. It is divided into three main sections: Organ Preservation, Organ Harvesting and Surgical Techniques. Many different organs are profiled, including the heart, kidneys...

Organ Transplantation

2nd Edition

Frank P. Stuart
January 01, 2003

Organ transplantation is increasingly complex and at the same time increasingly effective. The lengthening waiting list for cadaver organs now exceeds the supply several-fold. Most practicing physicians encounter only a few transplant recipients during a year of practice. This volume was written as...

Nutritional Support in Cancer and Transplant Patients

1st Edition

Rifat Latifi
August 01, 2001

Much has been learned, great developments have occurred, and so much has been written about cancer and transplantation in the last 2-3 decades. Yet, to the author's knowledge, no monograph or book has addressed nutrition support of cancer and transplant patients together. Experts from the around...

A Concise Guide to Intraoperative Monitoring

1st Edition

George Zouridakis, Andrew C. Papanicolaou
December 07, 2000

Covering both the applications and the related theory, A Concise Guide to Intraoperative Monitoring provides a general but comprehensive introduction to IOM. Unlike existing texts that typically report the results of specific studies, this book presents comprehensive coverage of the entire...

Surgical Techniques for Cutaneous Scar Revision

1st Edition

Marwali Harahap
January 03, 2000

Contains over 500 detailed photographs, drawings and tables that illustrate and clarify operative techniques in step-by-step detail!This detailed reference supplies the latest and most comprehensive information available on new and innovative methods and techniques of cutaneous scar revision and...

Surgical Arithmetic: Epidemiological, Statistical and Outcome-Based Approach to Surgical Practice

1st Edition

Lawrence Rosenberg
January 01, 2000

This book is intended for the practicing surgeon. It is designed to offer practical insights into the essentials of an epidemiological, statistical and outcomes-based approach to surgical practice. Surgeons are invited to begin to develop the requisite skills that will allow them to communicate...

Endocrine Surgery

1st Edition

Richard A. Prinz
January 01, 2000


The Radiology Technologist's Handbook to Surgical Procedures

1st Edition

Anthony C Anderson
December 15, 1999

In the past several years, the rapid development of sophisticated imaging modalities has made radiology the fastest growing specialty in medicine. It is important for the radiologic technologist to keep pace with technology's advancements. The influx of freestanding outpatient facilities and the...

Principles of Operative Surgery: Surgical Skills and Patient Safety for the MRCS OSCE, Third Edition

3rd Edition

Sarah Asbury, A Mishra, K M Mokbel
October 01, 1999

A comprehensive selection of multiple-choice questions for the 'Part 1' of the Membership of the Royal College of Surgeons (England) examination and its Scottish equivalent the AFRCS. Questions have been chosen to reflect the structure of the examination and include many that are similar to those...

Organ Procurement and Preservation

1st Edition

Goran B. Klintmalm
January 01, 1999

This handbook is a ready reference guide for organ procurement and preservation. Procurement coordinators, surgeons, residents and other health care professionals involved in organ retrieval will find most questions answered that will arise during their participation with these difficult and...

Endosurgery for Cancer

1st Edition

Steve Eubanks
January 01, 1999

This handbook provides surgeons with updated information about the current status, perspectives and controversies for staging and treating cancer through minimal access procedures. The authors discuss the biology of minimal access, techniques, the equipment used, the perspectives and controversies...

Radioguided Surgery

2nd Edition

Eric Whitman
January 01, 1999

This handbook is a review of radioguided surgical procedures, including sentinel node mapping and biopsy described by experts in the field. It is a practical guide for the practicing surgeon and other clinicians who will provide the majority of clinical care for breast cancer and other diseases and...