Medical Humanities

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The Coronary Heart Disease Pandemic in the Twentieth Century: Emergence and Decline in Advanced Countries

William G. Rothstein
December 26, 2017

This book demonstrates that a pandemic of coronary heart disease occurred in North America, western and northern Europe, and Australia and New Zealand from the 1930s to about 2000. At its peak it caused more deaths than any other disease. The book examines and compares trends in coronary heart...

Donaldsons' Essential Public Health, Fourth Edition

Liam J. Donaldson, Paul Rutter
October 09, 2017

Donaldsons’ Essential Public Health has been in continuous print for 35 years, evolving through successive editions. This unrivalled record of success for a textbook of public health shows the enduring appeal of its content, style, and accessibility to generations of students and practitioners. For...

A Guide to Bioethics

Emmanuel A. Kornyo
September 07, 2017

Solving intractable biotechnological questions of evolution, medicine, and genetics is now easier due to methods permitting the rapid analysis of molecular sequence data. These advances have exposed ethical and policy concerns. How would genomic information be used and by whom? Should individuals...

The Handbook for Market Research for Life Sciences Companies: Finding the Answers You Need to Understand Your Market

Jean-Francois Denault
May 24, 2017

As innovation moves from the lab to the market, a new research phase begins for the entrepreneur: the market research phase. Inspired by a new technology that can change the world, critical questions need to be addressed. Is there a market for my innovation? Who are my clients? What do they need?...

Humanity in Healthcare: The Heart and Soul of Medicine

Peter Barritt
November 05, 2015

The impressive progress of medical science over the nineteenth and twentieth centuries has tended to overshadow the art of caring for the patient and their families. This book aims to restore the balance by examining practical ways in which the arts can help health professionals to understand the...

Applied Sociology of Health and Illness: A Problem Based Learning Approach

Costas S. Constantinou
May 15, 2014

This inspirational new text covers the basic principles of the sociology of health and illness in an eminently readable way. By creatively employing the fictitious character of Frank Bennet, a new medical student, who cannot understand why he has to attend so many sessions in sociology in order to...

Medical Humanities Companion, Volume 4

Jill Gordon, Jane MacNaughton, Carl Edvard Rudeback
December 31, 2013

This fourth volume in the Companion to Medical Humanities series contemplates the challenge of the prognosis, of looking ahead, wondering what will happen, and attempting to make sense of life and death....

Medical Humanities Companion, Volume 3

Pekka Louhiala, Iona Heath, John Saunders
December 31, 2013

This third volume in the Companion to Medical Humanities series considers the concept of treatment as an active process which produces an outcome, be it effective, inappropriate or inadequate. It invites the reader to examine the relevance of the patients' belief in any given treatment and their...

The Arts in Medical Education: A Practical Guide, Second Edition

Elaine Powley, Roger Higson
June 21, 2013

The first edition of The Arts in Medical Education outlined the principles and methods for using arts resources in teaching aspects of the medical curriculum. The second edition has been expanded with new chapters, which enliven and enhance the teaching of some of the more challenging areas of...

The Essential Guide to Religious Traditions and Spirituality for Health Care Providers

Jeffers Steven, Michael E Nelson, Vern Barnet, Michael C Brannigan
December 17, 2012

This extraordinary compendium of religious traditions is invaluable to all healthcare providers. The user-friendly resource contains specific and detailed information on faith traditions vital for providing optimal spiritual care in a clinical setting. A series of inspirational introductory...

Enhancing the Professional Culture of Academic Health Science Centers: Creating and Sustaining Research Communities

Thomas Inui, Richard Frankel
November 22, 2012

The future of basic and translational research in health care depends on the ability of large, complex health science centers to educate, discover new answers to complex problems, and operate in the service of the public good. So what ingredients are required for successful research in academic...

Cinemeducation: Using Film and Other Visual Media in Graduate and Medical Education

Alexander Matthew, Lenahan Patricia, Pavlov Anna
July 31, 2012

Companion volume to Cinemeducation Volume 1 Cinemeducation, Volume 2 outlines a comprehensive approach to using film in graduate and medical education. It provides readers with a wide array of film excerpts ready for immediate application in the classroom. Each excerpt includes the counter time,...