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Toxicologic Pathology: Nonclinical Safety Assessment, Second Edition

2nd Edition

Pritam S. Sahota, James A. Popp, Jerry F. Hardisty, Chirukandath Gopinath, Page Bouchard
August 27, 2018

Following the success of the first edition, this book is designed to provide practical and timely information for toxicologic pathologists working in pharmaceutical drug discovery and development. The majority of the book (Organ Systems) will provide detailed descriptions of histopathological...

Drug Toxicity and Metabolism in Pediatrics

1st Edition

Sam Kacew
November 29, 2017

The aim of this text is to examine the physiological development of the fetus. It allows the reader to study the unique pharmacokinetic and metabolic features of newborns and gives specific examples of drug metabolism in the newborn. The purpose of this book is to enhance the current knowledge of...

Toxicologic Pathology: Nonclinical Safety Assessment

1st Edition

Pritam S. Sahota, James A. Popp, Jerry F. Hardisty, Chirukandath Gopinath
October 23, 2017

As drug development shifts over time to address unmet medical needs and more targeted therapies are developed, previously unseen pharmacological or off-target effects may occur in treatment. Designed to provide practical information for the bench toxicologic pathologist working in pharmaceutical...

Forensic Pathology Review: Questions and Answers

1st Edition

John M. Wayne, MD, Cynthia A. Schandl, S. Erin Presnell, MD
October 20, 2017

This book is an invaluable tool for studying and reviewing key concepts in forensic pathology. Written in a question-and-answer format, this accessible guide tests readers' knowledge of manner of death, patterns of injury, lab data interpretation, postmortem radiography and imaging, and much more....

Tumor Matrix Biology (1995)

1st Edition

Roza Adany
October 12, 2017

This book would like to present the latest findings on different aspects of tumor matrix formation in connection with the tumor progression and metastasis and on alterations in the cellular components of tumor stroma during tumor demarcation and invasion....

Handbook of Analytical Therapeutic Drug Monitoring and Toxicology (1996)

1st Edition

Steven H.Y. Wong, Irving Sunshine
September 28, 2017

Adapting modern advances in analytical techniques to daily laboratory practices challenges many toxicologists, clinical laboratories, and pharmaceutical scientists. The Handbook of Analytical Therapeutic Drug Monitoring and Toxicology helps you keep abreast of the innovative changes that can make...

Spheroid Culture in Cancer Research (1991)

1st Edition

Rolf Bjerkvig
September 20, 2017

Spheroid Culture in Cancer Research describes the various techniques now available for establishing spheroid tissue culture, including spheroid culture from normal tissues and from tumor cell lines. The book also describes how the spheroid system can be used to study interactions between normal and...

Quality Assurance in the Pathology Laboratory: Forensic, Technical, and Ethical Aspects

1st Edition

Maciej J. Bogusz
September 12, 2017

Quality refers to the amount of the unpriced attributes contained in each unit of the priced attribute. Leffler, 1982 Quality is neither mind nor matter, but a third entity independent of the two, even though Quality cannot be defined, you know what it is. Pirsig, 2000 The continuous formulation...

Procedure Manual for the Diagnosis of Intestinal Parasites

1st Edition

Donald L. Price
August 30, 2017

Procedure Manual for the Diagnosis of Intestinal Parasites is the definitive resource for individuals involved in the collection, preparation, and examination of fecal specimens for microscopic diagnosis of intestinal parasitic infections. The book points out the stages of parasites possibly found...

Histopathology of the Nail: Onychopathology

1st Edition

Eckart Haneke
August 03, 2017

This comprehensive review of the histopathology of the human nail will act as a masterclass for all dermatologists, dermatopathologists, and nail-interested pathologists who have to interpret histological sections of nail tissue, which can be challenging for many reasons. In addition to a wealth of...

Connective Tissue in Health and Disease

1st Edition

Marcos Rojkind
July 13, 2017

This volume provides reviews covering the latest advances in particular areas of connective tissue research. This comprehensive work also includes areas of the medical field in which the basic aspects could be applied. It explains that both cells and matrix are altered in disease states because of...

Color Atlas of the Autopsy

2nd Edition

Scott A. Wagner
December 22, 2016

In keeping with the spirit of the first edition, the second edition of this book displays the autopsy procedure in a step-wise, start-to-finish fashion. While the autopsy itself has changed little over the last 100 years, the adjunct procedures—toxicology, radiology, and DNA analysis, among...