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Handbook of Aviation and Space Medicine: First Edition

1st Edition

Nicholas Green, Steven J. Gaydos, Ewan J. Hutchison, Ed Nicol
May 09, 2019

This highly practical guide is ideal for any medical professional who deals with the aerospace environment or is involved in the healthcare of aircrew or individuals preparing for or returning from aerospace travel. The book covers all the main aspects of aerospace medicine, including the salient...

Integrated Evaluation of Disability

1st Edition

Ramar Sabapathi Vinayagam
December 18, 2018

There are overwhelming demands for health and rehabilitation services due to rise in the number of disabled people. The existing literature on disability evaluation has only focused on impairment or functional limitation or earning capacity. They have not considered the skills fundamental to live,...

An Introduction to Radiation Protection

7th Edition

Alan Martin, Sam Harbison, Karen Beach, Peter Cole
November 12, 2018

This highly-readable account of the nature of the hazards presented by ionizing radiation and the methods of protection is an ideal introductory text for those new to the field, and for the non-specialist. The seventh edition continues to cover the technical principles underlying the control of...

Parkes' Occupational Lung Disorders

4th Edition

Anthony Newman Taylor, Paul Cullinan, Paul Blanc, Anthony Pickering
November 07, 2016

This authoritative text on occupational lung disorders builds upon the fundamentals, including clinical, epidemiological, and predictive approaches. It discusses interstitial and malignant diseases, airways diseases, and other respiratory issues, such as diving, working at high altitudes, and...

The Science of Beach Lifeguarding

1st Edition

Mike Tipton, Adam Wooler
January 25, 2016

The World Health Organization’s recently published Global Report on Drowning found that drowning is the third leading cause of unintentional injury death worldwide—making the information presented in this new book an important part of the global effort to reduce this health risk.Written by leading...

Ernsting's Aviation and Space Medicine 5E

5th Edition

David Gradwell, David J Rainford
January 22, 2016

Ernsting's Aviation and Space Medicine applies current understanding in medicine, physiology and the behavioural sciences to the medical challenges and stresses that are faced by both civil and military aircrew, and their passengers, on a daily basis. The fifth edition of this established textbook...

The Health Effects of Asbestos: An Evidence-based Approach

1st Edition

Dorsett D. Smith
November 18, 2015

The health-related effects of asbestos have long been mired in controversy, with industry and plaintiff attorneys playing a significant role. This comprehensive book provides a balanced and extensive evidence-based critical analysis of the literature concerning asbestos-related diseases, from a...

Diving and Subaquatic Medicine

5th Edition

Carl Edmonds, Michael Bennett, John Lippmann, Simon Mitchell
September 11, 2015

Considered an essential resource by many in the field, Diving and Subaquatic Medicine remains the leading text on diving medicine, written to fulfil the requirements of any general physician wishing to advise their patients appropriately when a diving trip is planned, for those accompanying diving...

Science of Diving: Concepts and Applications

1st Edition

Bruce Wienke
June 01, 2015

While the effects of pressure change are readily quantified in physics, chemistry, and engineering applications, the physiology, medicine, and biology of pressure changes in living systems are much more complicated. This complex science translated to technical diving is discussed in a five-part...

Reversibility of Chronic Disease and Hypersensitivity,Volume 2: The Effects of Environmental Pollutants on the Organ System

1st Edition

William J. Rea, Kalpana D. Patel
August 15, 2014

Encyclopedic in scope, Reversibility of Chronic Degenerative Disease and Hypersensitivity, Volume 2: The Effects of Environmental Pollutants on the Organ System draws deeply from clinical histories of thousands of patients. It focuses on clinical syndromes within the musculoskeletal,...

Asthma in the Workplace

4th Edition

Jean-Luc Malo, Moira Chan-Yeung, David I. Bernstein
May 10, 2013

Occupational factors are responsible for a large percentage of cases of asthma in adults of working age. Any irritant generated at high concentrations can cause occupational asthma, and early diagnosis is critical because cure is still possible at this stage. This latest edition of Asthma in the...

High Altitude Medicine and Physiology 5E

5th Edition

John B. West, Robert B. Schoene, Andrew M. Luks, James S. Milledge
November 29, 2012

A comprehensive update to this preeminent and accessible text, this fifth edition of a bestseller was developed as a response to man's attempts to climb unaided to higher altitudes and to spend more time in these conditions for both work and recreation. It describes the ever-expanding challenges...