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Caring for Hindu Patients

1st Edition

Diviash Thakrar, Rasamandala Das, Aziz Sheikh
November 30, 1996

This is a survey of health care needs for specific conditions, published on behalf of the Department of Health. This study considers questions such as the population's needs, the services available or unavailable to them, the effectiveness of these services, and other perspectives in disease and...

Alpha 1 - Antitrypsin Deficiency: Biology-Pathogenesis-Clinical Manifestations-Therapy

1st Edition

October 26, 1995

Providing a broad overview of basic and clinical aspects of alpha 1-antitrypsin (a 1AT) deficiency, this up-to-date reference discusses the complex pathobiological processes underlying the pathogenesis of a1AT deficiency, describes the a1AT gene and its promoter, and details specific therapies to...

Stress Proteins in Medicine

1st Edition

October 18, 1995

Provides a thorough overview of current knowledge of stress proteins in both normal and disease physiology and evaluates the potential for developing novel diagnostic, prophylactic, and therapeutic approaches to control human disease based on the latest stress-protein research....

Biothiols in Health and Disease

1st Edition

Lester Packer
August 18, 1995

This unique, state-of-the-art reference presents a detailed account of the molecular mechanisms underlying the multiple functions of biothiols-emphasizing the biological and clinical implications of interactions between oxidants and biothiols....

Statistical Bases of Reference Values in Laboratory Medicine

1st Edition

Eugene K. Harris, James C. Boyd
July 07, 1995

Examining the strengths and limitations of various standards of accuracy in clinical laboratory analyses, this detailed reference presents an in-depth study of important theoretical and empirical issues concerning the description, collection, and application of reference values in laboratory...

Clinical Photomedicine

1st Edition

H. W. Lim
March 19, 1993

Offering broad coverage of the basic, clinical and curative aspects of photomedicine, this reference reflects the expansion of knowledge on the effects of light on normal skin as well as photosensitivity disorders and the use of light in treating various diseases and conditions....

Unexplained Fever

1st Edition

Benedict Isaac, Serge Kernbaum, Michael J. Burke
November 21, 1990

This book covers pathophysiology of fever, the general approach to the febrile patient, and offers a systematic, in-depth discussion regarding the differential diagnosis of unexplained fever. The authors define an unexplained fever as a fever which lasts a minimum of 14 days and whose etiology is...

Retrovirus Biology and Human Disease

1st Edition

September 26, 1989

This book captures some of the essential developments, both historical and current, relating to the human retroviruses and the diseases they cause. It describes detailed molecular biology and epidemiology of human T-leukemia virus type 1 (HTLV-1)....