History of Medicine

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Anaesthesia and the Practice of Medicine: Historical Perspectives

1st Edition

Keith Sykes, John P Bunker
January 22, 2007

Written by two anaesthetists, one British and one American, this unique book focuses on the transatlantic story of anaesthesia. The authors have both worked at the two hospitals where the first general anaesthetics for surgery were given in 1846, Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston,...

The Other Side of Medicine

1st Edition

Dr. Peter Tate, Sally Irvine
November 20, 2006

"The Other Side of Medicine" is an amusing and challenging reflection of changes and fashions in general practice. Covering various themes including humanity in medicine, communication, and quality assessment of doctors, Peter Tate offers an abundance of personal anecdotes and patient perspectives....

Doctors and Paintings: A Practical Guide, v. 1

1st Edition

John Middleton, Erica Middleton
September 30, 2006

This work includes forewords by Sir Liam Donaldson and Peter Wheeler, Chief Medical Officer, Department of Health; Dean, College of Fine Arts, University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. Appreciating art can help doctors build empathy with patients and reduce stress. By stimulating thought and...

The Incurables Movement: v. 4, Respiratory Disease, Mental Health, Diabetes, Dermatology

1st Edition

Gordon Cook
June 01, 2006

This significant work records the history of the pioneering British Home and Hospital for Incurables, founded in 1861. It examines the social, political and medical climate through the years and charts the fascinating and important changes over this time. It provides a vital overview for historians...

The Nation's Doctor: The Role of the Chief Medical Officer 1855-1998

1st Edition

Sally Sheard, Liam Donaldson
October 01, 2005

This is the first major study of a significant post within the British government. Drawing on a wide range of archival sources and interviews with senior health professionals and politicians, this book positions the Chief Medical Officer as one of the most influential individuals within the...

John Macalister's Other Vision: A History of the Fellowship of Postgraduate Medicine

1st Edition

Gordon Cook
September 01, 2005

John MacAlister's Other Vision traces the history of The Fellowship of Postgraduate Medicine from its formation to the present day. It includes biographies and images of the major figures involved in the institution along with fascinating background information for those involved in postgraduate...

The Executive Years of the NHS: The England Account 1985-2003

1st Edition

Brian Edwards, Margaret Fall
August 01, 2005

A guide to clinical effectiveness and governance, this second edition includes clinical governance issues. It aims to increase awareness of, and skills in, an evidence-based approach to health care, and there is advice on collecting, evaluating, interpreting and applying evidence....

Civil War Pharmacy: A History of Drugs, Drug Supply and Provision, and Therapeutics for the Union and Confederacy

1st Edition

Michael Flannery
May 24, 2004

Examine a previously unexplored aspect of Civil War military medicine! Here is the first comprehensive examination of pharmaceutical practice and drug provision during the Civil War. While numerous books have recounted the history of medicine in the Civil War, little has been said about the drugs...

A Social History of Medicines in the Twentieth Century: To Be Taken Three Times a Day

1st Edition

John K Crellin, Dennis B Worthen
April 22, 2004

Get a fresh perspective on the day-to-day use of medicine! A Social History of Medicines in the Twentieth Century explores the most perplexing issues concerning the uses of prescriptions and other medicines on both sides of the Atlantic. The book equips you with a thorough understanding of the...

Classics in Clinical Dermatology with Biographical Sketches, 50th Anniversary

1st Edition

Walter B. Shelley, John Thorne Crissey
September 29, 2003

First published in 1953, this new edition of the popular Classics in Clinical Dermatology with Biographical Sketches has been updated to include developments during the 50 years since its initial publication. It contains the complete contents of the first edition and presents over 30 additional...

A Century of Nobel Prize Recipients: Chemistry, Physics, and Medicine

1st Edition

Francis Leroy
March 13, 2003

Celebrating a century of revolutionary contributions to our understanding of life, the world, and the universe, this encyclopedic desk reference traces the discoveries that earned nearly 500 distinguished scientists Nobel honors in the areas of chemistry, physics, and medicine. The School of...

Dates in Ophthalmology

1st Edition

Daniel M. Albert
October 29, 2002

The development of ophthalmology to its present level of sophisticated practice is an extraordinary story of research, experiment, and achievement. Dates in Ophthalmology: A Chronological Record of Progress in Ophthalmology over the Last Millennium charts the progress of that achievement over the...