History of Medicine

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The Wonder and the Mystery: 10 Years of Reflections from the Annals of Family Medicine

1st Edition

Robin Gotler
March 31, 2013

This book is a unique collection of personal reflections and ideas from the Annals of Family Medicine, a primary care research journal. Each article has some connection to primary care but, as a compilation, it covers a wide range of topics, from the deeply personal to professional and policy...

Walking London's Medical History Second Edition

2nd Edition

Nick Black
October 22, 2012

Highly Commended, BMA Medical Book Awards 2013 The history of health care is complex, confusing, and contested. It involves more than just the creation of hospitals and dispensaries, infirmaries, and health centers. There are also royal colleges, trades unions, medical schools, nurses’ homes,...

The Pictorial Atlas of Common Genito-Urinary Medicine

1st Edition

Shiva Pareek
February 15, 2012

Sexually transmitted infections remain a global health concern with the World Health Organization reporting over 340 million new cases of bacterial and protozoal STI every year, worldwide. They are frequently associated with a significant degree of medical and psychological morbidity. This...

Medicinema: Doctors in Films

1st Edition

Brian Glasser, Sally Irvine
January 22, 2010

Cinema and medicine have been inextricably linked since the earliest days of film, with doctors appearing in fictional films before criminals, the clergy or even cowboys. But why have healthcare professionals - often played by major stars - featured so prominently in film history, and what does...

The Patient as Text: the Role of the Narrator in Psychiatric Notes, 1890-1990

1st Edition

Petter Aaslestad
December 21, 2009

A commonly-held model of the doctor-patient relationship casts it as a subject/object relationship: broadly the patient is a 'text', and the doctor the reader or interpreter of that text. However, recent critical models preset notions of text and reader as complex and unstable, and the relationship...

Eponyms in Surgery and Anatomy of the Liver, Bile Ducts and Pancreas

1st Edition

Mark D Stringer
September 01, 2009

For surgeons, physicians, and anatomists involved in the management and study of disorders of the liver, bile ducts and pancreas, eponyms are part of everyday communication. They help to describe anatomical features, operative procedures, surgical instruments, and diseases. Unfortunately, many have...

Caribbean Diseases: Doctor George Low's Expedition in 1901-02

1st Edition

Gordon Cook
May 29, 2009

In this unique, highly detailed examination, Gordon C Cook investigates the very beginnings of tropical medicine through the work of Dr George Low (1872-1952). Widely known as the 'father of tropical medicine', Low was a pioneering force in the study of Caribbean diseases and the development of...

Doctors in Fiction: Lessons from Literature

1st Edition

Borys Surawicz, Beverly Jacobson
April 25, 2009

Medical practitioners are key actors in many well-known works of fiction and literature, presenting a vital insight into the social, medical, scientific and ethical concerns of their authors and readers. However, medical professionals are often left little time to explore such cultural perceptions...

The NHS - Beginning, Middle and End?: The Autobiography of Dr John Marks

1st Edition

John Marks
May 20, 2008

John Marks is something of a national treasure. Warm, funny, passionate, opinionated and occasionally contrary, he is a man whose life for more than 40 years marched in beat with that of the National Health Service. There is scarcely a medical issue or controversy in which John Marks was not...

Almost a Legend

1st Edition

Max Blythe
November 09, 2007

No one championed evidence-based general practice more than John Fry, arguably the world's most influential GP of his day.John Fry, 1922-1994, made unparalleled contributions to the reformation of British general practice in the second half of the 20th Century. In the 1950s and 1960s he dominated...

Disease in the Merchant Navy: A History of the Seamen's Hospital Society

1st Edition

Gordon Cook, Anna Pavlov
October 25, 2007

In this unique, highly detailed examination, Gordon C Cook explores disease in the merchant navy through the history of the Seamen's Hospital Society. From its foundation in 1812, until the present day, the Seamen's Hospital Society has been responsible for the physical welfare of merchant seamen...

Insulin Murders

1st Edition

Vincent Marks, Caroline Richmond
April 26, 2007

Insulin Murders is the first book on the market to describe real life cases of murder (and purported murder) using insulin (and other hypoglycaemic agents) as a murder weapon. Written by a leading authority on insulin and its use as a murder weapon, this is a gripping account of true life crime,...