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Skin Cancer Prevention

1st Edition

Ulrik Ringborg, Yvonne Brandberg, Eckhard Breitbart, Rudiger Greinert
September 20, 2006

Coedited by the President of the European Society of Skin Cancer Prevention, this guide provides a detailed overview of the three most common forms of skin cancer-basal cell, squamous cell, and melanoma-and authoritatively guides readers through current research related to the epidemiology, primary...

Inflammation and Pregnancy

1st Edition

Donald M. Peebles, Leslie Myatt
September 15, 2006

Nowhere is the complex relation between inflammation and disease more apparent than in pregnancy. From the immune adaptation necessary for a mother to tolerate a genetically different fetus through gestation, to the role of inflammatory mediators in abnormalities of pregnancy such as pre-eclampsia...

Bronchial Vascular Remodeling in Asthma and COPD

1st Edition

Aili Lazaar
August 04, 2006

Responding to the growth of research in the field over the past decade, this book brings together leading investigators with expertise in pulmonology, pathology, and developmental biology to clarify the mechanisms that regulate the development of bronchial vascular remodeling in asthma and COPD, as...

Cytokine Gene Polymorphisms in Multifactorial Conditions

1st Edition

Koen Vandenbroeck
June 21, 2006

The literature on cytokine genetics is vast, so vast that it is now practically beyond the time or logistical constraints of most scientists to successfully keep pace with it. A compilation of the latest research, Cytokine Gene Polymorphisms in Multifactorial Conditions brings together, reviews,...


1st Edition

Francesco M. Marincola
January 26, 2006

Interleukin-10 (IL-10) is regarded as an immune suppressant cytokine. This reputation is due to the experimental observation that IL-10 decreases the function of antigen presenting cells and T helper 1 type immune responses. Surprisingly, however, IL-10 has potent anti-cancer effects since most...

Cell Death During HIV Infection

1st Edition

Andrew D. Badley
November 29, 2005

In an effort to go beyond immune-based therapies, researchers are now considering the implications of apoptosis dysregulation during HIV-induced immunodeficiency. This work provides the first comprehensive compendium of the progress made in understanding the process of cell death related to HIV and...

Pharmacotherapy of Asthma

1st Edition

James Li
September 23, 2005

Standing as the only text focused on the pharmaceutical treatment of asthma, this reference details the pharmacology, mechanisms of action, efficacy, and safety of every drug currently used in the management and care of asthma patients. Internationally renowned authorities cover published practice...

The Blood-Brain Barrier and Its Microenvironment: Basic Physiology to Neurological Disease

1st Edition

Elga de Vries, Alexandre Prat
August 24, 2005

This reference analyzes the cellular and molecular biology and mechanisms of the blood-brain barrier (BBB) and presents the most recent studies on the role of the BBB in the development and initiation of a wide range of physiological and pathological conditions affecting the central nervous system....

Asthma Prevention

1st Edition

William W. Busse, Robert Lemanske
August 24, 2005

Collecting research from leading specialists in the field, this reference contains the latest studies on the genetic and environmental origins, pathogenesis, and immunology of asthma-promoting new research pathways for the development of new therapeutic interventions in the prevention of this...

Immune Mechanisms in Allergic Contact Dermatitis

1st Edition

Andrea Cavani
January 10, 2005

This book presents an overview of the pathogenesis of allergic contact dermatitis (ACD). It explains the characterization of T cell subsets which modulate immune reaction to chemicals and may represent a formidable tool for new therapeutic approaches to ACD and other T cell-mediated skin disorders....

Assessment of Quality of Life in Childhood Asthma

1st Edition

Margaret Christie, Davina French
November 11, 2004


Skin Immune System: Cutaneous Immunology and Clinical Immunodermatology, Third Edition

3rd Edition

Jan D. Bos
October 28, 2004

Top scientific authors contribute their expertise and put a wealth of complex information into perspective in Skin Immune System: Cutaneous Immunology & Clinical Immunodermatology, Third Edition. This edition provides an overview of the skin immune system (SIS), a totally updated section on...