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Introduction to Modern Cryptography

2nd Edition


Jonathan Katz, Yehuda Lindell
November 6, 2014

Cryptography is ubiquitous and plays a key role in ensuring data secrecy and integrity as well as in securing computer systems more broadly. Introduction to Modern Cryptography provides a rigorous yet accessible treatment of this fascinating subject. The authors introduce the core principles of mode...

Statistical Analysis of Financial Data: With Examples In R

1st Edition

James Gentle
March 11, 2020

Statistical Analysis of Financial Data covers the use of statistical analysis and the methods of data science to model and analyze financial data. The first chapter is an overview of financial markets, describing the market operations and using exploratory data analysis to illustrate the nature of...

Advanced Engineering Mathematics with Mathematica

1st Edition

Edward B. Magrab
March 11, 2020

Advanced Engineering Mathematics with Mathematica® presents advanced analytical solution methods that are used to solve boundary-value problems in engineering and integrates these methods with Mathematica® procedures. It emphasizes the Sturm–Liouville system and the generation and application of...

Computer Algebra: Concepts and Techniques

1st Edition

Edmund A. Lamagna
March 04, 2020

The goal of Computer Algebra: Concepts and Techniques is to demystify computer algebra systems for a wide audience including students, faculty, and professionals in scientific fields such as computer science, mathematics, engineering, and physics. Unlike previous books, the only prerequisites are...

2⁵ Problems for STEM Education

1st Edition

Valery Ochkov
February 13, 2020

25 Problems for STEM Education introduces a new and emerging course for undergraduate STEM programs called Physical-Mathematical Informatics. This course corresponds with the new direction in education called STE(A)M (Science, Technology, Engineering, [Art] and Mathematics). The book focuses...

Introductory Analysis: An Inquiry Approach

1st Edition

John D. Ross, Kendall C. Richards
February 10, 2020

Introductory Analysis: An Inquiry Approach aims to provide a self-contained, inquiry-oriented approach to undergraduate-level real analysis. The presentation of the material in the book is intended to be "inquiry-oriented'" in that as each major topic is discussed, details of the proofs are left...

Financial Mathematics For Actuarial Science: The Theory of Interest

1st Edition

Richard James Wilders
February 04, 2020

Financial Mathematics for Actuarial Science: The Theory of Interest is concerned with the measurement of interest and the various ways interest affects what is often called the time value of money (TVM). Interest is most simply defined as the compensation that a borrower pays to a lender for the...

Differential Equations: A Modern Approach with Wavelets

1st Edition

Steven Krantz
January 21, 2020

This new book from one of the most published authors in all of mathematics is an attempt to offer a new, more modern take on the Differential Equations course. The world is changing. Because of the theory of wavelets, Fourier analysis is ever more important and central. And applications are a...

An Invitation to Algebraic Numbers and Algebraic Functions

1st Edition

Franz Halter-Koch
January 15, 2020

Through a set of related yet distinct texts, the author offers a thorough presentation of the classical theory of algebraic numbers and algebraic functions: Ideal- and valuation-theoretic aspects, L functions and class field theory, together with a presentation of algebraic foundations which are...

The Shape of Space

3rd Edition

Jeffrey R. Weeks, Jeffrey R. Weeks
January 02, 2020

The Shape of Space, Third Edition maintains the standard of excellence set by the previous editions. This lighthearted textbook covers the basic geometry and topology of two- and three-dimensional spaces—stretching students’ minds as they learn to visualize new possibilities for the shape of our...

Differential Geometry of Manifolds

2nd Edition

Stephen Lovett
December 17, 2019

Differential Geometry of Manifolds, Second Edition presents the extension of differential geometry from curves and surfaces to manifolds in general. The book provides a broad introduction to the field of differentiable and Riemannian manifolds, tying together classical and modern formulations. It...

Fundamentals of Abstract Analysis

1st Edition

Andrew Gleason
December 17, 2019

This classic is an ideal introduction for students into the methodology and thinking of higher mathematics. It covers material not usually taught in the more technically-oriented introductory classes and will give students a well-rounded foundation for future studies....

A Theoretical Introduction to Numerical Analysis

1st Edition

Victor S. Ryaben'kii, Semyon V. Tsynkov
December 17, 2019

A Theoretical Introduction to Numerical Analysis presents the general methodology and principles of numerical analysis, illustrating these concepts using numerical methods from real analysis, linear algebra, and differential equations. The book focuses on how to efficiently represent mathematical...