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Calkin Algebras and Algebras of Operators on Banach SPates

September 01, 1974

Since the appearance of Banach algebra theory, the interaction between the theories ofBanach algebras with involution and that of bounded linear operators on a Hilbert space hasbeen extensively developed. The connections of Banach algebras with the theory ofbounded linear operators on a Hilbert...

Introduction to the Theory of Formal Groups

Jean A. Dieudonne
October 01, 1973


Exceptional Lie Algebras

N. Jacobson
June 01, 1971

This volume presents a set of models for the exceptional Lie algebras over algebraically closed fieldsof characteristic O and over the field of real numbers. The models given are based on the algebras ofCayley numbers (octonions) and on exceptional Jordan algebras. They are also valid...

Functional Analysis and Valuation Theory

Lawrence Narici
June 01, 1971


Topics In the Theory of Random Noise, Volume 2

R.L. Stratonovich
January 01, 1967

In two main sections, this volume covers peaks of random functions and the effects of noise on relays and nonlinear self-excited oscillations in the presence of noise. Includes bibliographic references and index....