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Algebraic and Differential Topology

R. V. Gamkrelidze
March 06, 1987

Algebraic and Differential Topology presents in a clear, concise, and detailed manner the fundamentals of homology theory. It first defines the concept of a complex and its Betti groups, then discusses the topolgoical invariance of a Betti group. The book next presents various applications of...

Topological Groups

R. V. Gamkrelidze
March 06, 1987

Offering the insights of L.S. Pontryagin, one of the foremost thinkers in modern mathematics, the second volume in this four-volume set examines the nature and processes that make up topological groups. Already hailed as the leading work in this subject for its abundance of examples and its...

Selected Research Papers

L.S. Pontryagn
March 06, 1987

Among the finest achievements in modern mathematics are two of L.S. Pontryagin's most notable contributions: Pontryagin duality and his general theory of characters of a locally compact commutative group. This book, the first in a four-volume set, contains the most important papers of this eminent...

Mathematical Theory of Optimal Processes

L.S. Pontryagin
March 06, 1987

The fourth and final volume in this comprehensive set presents the maximum principle as a wide ranging solution to nonclassical, variational problems. This one mathematical method can be applied in a variety of situations, including linear equations with variable coefficients, optimal processes...

Chaos, Noise and Fractals

E. Roy Pike, L .A. Lugiato
January 01, 1987

The study of nonlinear dynamical systems has been gathering momentum since the late 1950s. It now constitutes one of the major research areas of modern theoretical physics. The twin themes of fractals and chaos, which are linked by attracting sets in chaotic systems that are fractal in structure,...

Hamiltonian Dynamical Systems: A REPRINT SELECTION

R.S MacKay, J.D Meiss
January 01, 1987

Classical mechanics is a subject that is teeming with life. However, most of the interesting results are scattered around in the specialist literature, which means that potential readers may be somewhat discouraged by the effort required to obtain them. Addressing this situation, Hamiltonian...

Vectors and Vector Operators

P.G Dawber
January 01, 1987

Vectors and Vector Operators provides an introduction to the use of vectors and vector operators that will be especially helpful to first-year undergraduates of the physical sciences. The vector forms of many of the equations of physics clearly demonstrate the essential geometrical relationships...