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Differential Games and Control Theory Iii: Proceedings of the Third Kingston Conference

1st Edition

Pan-Tai Liu, Emilio O. Roxin
April 01, 1979

This book is based on the Third Kingston Conference on Differential Games and Control Theory held at the University of Rhode Island June 5-8, 1978. It deals with deterministic systems and stochastic systems, and is helpful for the researchers in applied mathematics....

Semisimple Lie Algebras

1st Edition

May 01, 1978

This book provides an account of part of the theory of Lie algebras most relevant to Lie groups. It discusses the basic theory of Lie algebras, including the classification of complex semisimple Lie algebras, and the Levi, Cartan and Iwasawa decompositions....

Introduction to Functions of a Complex Variable

1st Edition

J. H. Curtiss
April 01, 1978

This book includes information on elementary general topology, the Cauchy Integral Theorem and concepts of homology and homotopy in their application to the Cauchy theory. It is intended for an introductory course in complex analysis at the first-year graduate and advanced undergraduate level....

Decomposition and Dimension in Module Categories

1st Edition

Jonathan S. Golan
September 01, 1977

This book examines the notions of dimension and decomposition for module categories. It discusses some basic properties of quasidecomposition functions and the complete lattice of all quasidecomposition functions taking values in a fixed given lattice....

Homogeneous Banach Algebras

1st Edition

March 01, 1977

This book examines some aspects of homogeneous Banach algebras and related topics to illustrate various methods used in several classes of group algebras. It guides the reader toward some of the problems in harmonic analysis such as the problems of factorizations and closed subalgebras....

Applied Optimal Control: Optimization, Estimation and Control

1st Edition

A. E. Bryson
January 01, 1975

This best-selling text focuses on the analysis and design of complicated dynamics systems. CHOICE called it “a high-level, concise book that could well be used as a reference by engineers, applied mathematicians, and undergraduates. The format is good, the presentation clear, the diagrams...

Calkin Algebras and Algebras of Operators on Banach SPates

1st Edition

September 01, 1974

Since the appearance of Banach algebra theory, the interaction between the theories ofBanach algebras with involution and that of bounded linear operators on a Hilbert space hasbeen extensively developed. The connections of Banach algebras with the theory ofbounded linear operators on a Hilbert...

Introduction to the Theory of Formal Groups

1st Edition

Jean A. Dieudonne
October 01, 1973


Characterization of C(x) among its Subalgebras

1st Edition

R. B. Burckel
October 01, 1972

This book presents a detailed account of some results about subalgebras of C(X), which carry a Banach algebra norm. It is intended for students who have had a standard graduate real-variable course and be acquainted with a few odds and ends of functional analysis and complex-variables....

Exceptional Lie Algebras

1st Edition

N. Jacobson
June 01, 1971

This volume presents a set of models for the exceptional Lie algebras over algebraically closed fieldsof characteristic O and over the field of real numbers. The models given are based on the algebras ofCayley numbers (octonions) and on exceptional Jordan algebras. They are also valid...

Functional Analysis and Valuation Theory

1st Edition

Lawrence Narici
June 01, 1971

This book presents functional analysis over arbitrary valued fields and investigates normed spaces and algebras over fields with valuation, with attention given to the case when the norm and the valuation are nonarchimedean. It considers vector spaces over fields with nonarchimedean valuation....

Necessary Conditions for an Extremum

1st Edition

May 01, 1971

This book presents a theory of necessary conditions for an extremum, including formal conditions for an extremum and computational methods. It states the general results of the theory and shows how these results can be particularized to specific problems....