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Trends in Theory and Practice of Nonlinear Differential Equations

1st Edition

V. Lakshmikantham
January 03, 1984

This book is based on an International Conference on Trends in Theory and Practice of Nonlinear Differential Equations held at The University of Texas at Arlington. It aims to feature recent trends in theory and practice of nonlinear differential equations....

Strict Convexity and Complex Strict Convexity: Theory and Applications

1st Edition

December 13, 1983

This important work provides a comprehensive overview of the properties of Banachspaces related to strict convexity and a survey of significant applications-uniting a wealthof information previously scattered throughout the mathematical literature in a well-organized,accessible format.After...

A First Course in Differential Geometry

1st Edition

December 13, 1983

This book proposes a new approach which is designed to serve as an introductory course in differential geometry for advanced undergraduate students. It is based on lectures given by the author at several universities, and discusses calculus, topology, and linear algebra....

CAD/CAM Systems Planning and Implementation

1st Edition

August 31, 1983

This book identifies as many "alligators" as possible in the swamps surrounding implementation of an integrated CAD/CAM system. It is helpful for marketing managers, inventory control supervisors and innovators who believe in the need to modernize engineering and manufacturing systems....

Optimization: Theory and Algorithms

1st Edition

August 17, 1983

This book is concerned with tangent cones, duality formulas, a generalized concept of conjugation, and the notion of maxi-minimizing sequence for a saddle-point problem, and deals more with algorithms in optimization. It focuses on the multiple exchange algorithm in convex programming....

Harmonic Analysis on Free Groups

1st Edition

August 17, 1983

This book presents an account of recent results on the theory of representations and the harmonic analysis of free groups. It emphasizes the analogy with the theory of representations of noncompact semisimple Lie groups and restricts the focus to a class of irreducible unitary representations....

Differential Geometry and Relativity Theory: An Introduction

1st Edition

Richard L. Faber
May 26, 1983

Differentilil Geometry and Relativity Theory: An Introduction approaches relativity asa geometric theory of space and time in which gravity is a manifestation of space-timecurvature, rathe1 than a force. Uniting differential geometry and both special and generalrelativity in a single source, this...

Mathematical Programming with Data Perturbations II, Second Edition

2nd Edition

January 24, 1983

This book presents theoretical results, including an extension of constant rank and implicit function theorems, continuity and stability bounds results for infinite dimensional problems, and the interrelationship between optimal value conditions and shadow prices for stable and unstable programs....

Functional Analysis, Holomorphy, and Approximation Theory

1st Edition

Guido I. Zapata
January 18, 1983

This book contains papers on complex analysis, function spaces, harmonic analysis, and operators, presented at the International seminar on Functional Analysis, Holomorphy, and Approximation Theory held in 1979. It is addressed to mathematicians and advanced graduate students in mathematics....

nonlinear analysis and applications

1st Edition

October 25, 1982

This book contains lecture notes in pure and applied mathematics from the proceedings of an International Conference on Nonlinear Analysis and Applications, held at Memorial University of Newfoundland in June 1981. It includes information on fractional calculus and the Stieltjes transform....

Volterra and Functional Differential Equations

1st Edition

Kenneth B. Hannsgen
October 25, 1982

This book contains twenty four papers, presented at the conference on Volterra and Functional Differential Equations held in Virginia in 1981, on various topics, including Liapunov stability, Volterra equations, integral equations, and functional differential equations....