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Holomorphy and Calculus in Normed SPates

1st Edition

S. B. Chae
April 29, 1985

This book presents a systematic introduction to the theory of holomorphic mappings in normed spaces which has been scattered throughout the literature. It gives the necessary, elementary background for all branches of modern mathematics involving differential calculus in higher dimensional spaces....

Analysis: Geometry, and Probability: Proceedings of the First Chilean Symposium of Mathematics

1st Edition

April 25, 1985

This volume contains versions of invited addresses and communications for the First Chilean Symposium of Mathematics, revealing the results of the mathematical advances in areas such as stochastic analysis, solutions of differential equations, and differential synthetic geometry and probability....

Rings of Continuous Function

1st Edition

March 27, 1985

This book contains papers on algebra, functional analysis, and general topology, with a strong interaction with set theoretic axioms and involvement with category theory, presented in the special session on Rings of Continuous Functions held in 1982 in Cincinnati, Ohio....

Fourier Series and Transforms

1st Edition

R.D Harding
January 01, 1985

This book helps in giving a qualitative feel for the properties of Fourier series and Fourier transforms by using the illustrative powers of computer graphics. It is useful for wide variety of students as it focuses on qualitative aspects and the flexibility with regard to program modification....

Linear Algebra over Commutative Rings

1st Edition

November 30, 1984

This monograph arose from lectures at the University of Oklahoma on topics related to linear algebra over commutative rings. It provides an introduction of matrix theory over commutative rings. The monograph discusses the structure theory of a projective module....

Stochastic Analysis and Applications

1st Edition

November 14, 1984

This volume attempts to exhibit current research in stochastic integration, stochastic differential equations, stochastic optimization and stochastic problems in physics and biology. It includes information on the theory of Dirichlet forms, Feynman integration and the Schrodinger's equation....

Elements of Simulation

1st Edition

Byron J.T. Morgan
October 01, 1984

This book provides a guide to the elements of simulation in statistics, which will include developments and which may be used either as a teaching text or as a source of reference. It is widely used for teaching statistics in schools....

Classical and Quantum Models and Arithmetic Problems

1st Edition

David Chudnovsky
July 31, 1984

Here is an unsurpassed resource-important accounts of a variety of dynamic systems topics related to number theory. Twelve distinguished mathematicians present a rare complete analyticsolution of a geodesic quantum problem on a negatively curved surface...and explicit determination of modular...

Self-Organizing Methods in Modeling: GMDH Type Algorithms

1st Edition

S. J. Farlow
July 11, 1984

This book introduces English-speaking people the basic group method of data handling algorithm. It could be used as a reference source for researchers or as a textbook for specialized courses and seminars in modeling, applied mathematics, and applied statistics....

Engineering Documentation for CAD/CAM Applications

1st Edition

Charles S. Knox
April 03, 1984

This book emphasizes the importance of consistent, well-planned, and computer-oriented engineering documentation systems to engineering, manufacturing, and accounting. It discusses the systems needed to optimize flow of information and increase the efficiency of modern CAD/CAM systems....

Principles of Automated Drafting

1st Edition

Daniel L. Ryan
January 30, 1984

This book introduces the reader to each phase of the subject, step-by-step to enable one to use the various automated drafting devices, instruments and technique of application. It shows the way to produce acceptable drafting in the framework of high productivity....