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Finite Elements-based Optimization: Electromagnetic Product Design and Nondestructive Evaluation

1st Edition

S. Ratnajeevan H. Hoole, Yovahn Yesuraiyan R. Hoole
July 31, 2019

This book is intended to be a cookbook for students and researchers to understand the finite element method and optimization methods and couple them to effect shape optimization. The optimization part of the book will survey optimization methods and focus on the genetic algorithm and Powell’s...

Discrete Mathematics: Graph Algorithms, Algebraic Structures, Coding Theory, and Cryptography

1st Edition

Sriraman Sridharan, R. Balakrishnan
July 23, 2019

Conveying ideas in a user-friendly style, this book has been designed for a course in Applied Algebra. The book covers graph algorithms, basic algebraic structures, coding theory and cryptography. It will be most suited for senior undergraduates and beginning graduate students in mathematics and...

Discrete Mathematical Structures: A Succinct Foundation

1st Edition

B. V. Senthil Kumar, Hemen Dutta
July 23, 2019

This book contains fundamental concepts on discrete mathematical structures in an easy to understand style so that the reader can grasp the contents and explanation easily. The concepts of discrete mathematical structures have application to computer science, engineering and information technology...

Nonlinear Estimation: Methods and Applications with Deterministic Sample Points

1st Edition

Shovan Bhaumik, Paresh Date
July 17, 2019

Nonlinear Estimation: Methods and Applications with Deterministic Sample Points focusses on a comprehensive treatment of deterministic sample point filters (also called Gaussian filters) and their variants for nonlinear estimation problems, for which no closed-form solution is available in general....

Sequence Spaces and Summability over Valued Fields

1st Edition

P. N. Natarajan
July 15, 2019

Sequence spaces and summability over valued fields is a research book aimed at research scholars, graduate students and teachers with an interest in Summability Theory both Classical (Archimedean) and Ultrametric (non-Archimedean). The book presents theory and methods in the chosen topic, spread...

Mathematical Theory of Subdivision: Finite Element and Wavelet Methods

1st Edition

Sandeep Kumar, Ashish Pathak, Debashis Khan
July 12, 2019

This book provides good coverage of the powerful numerical techniques namely, finite element and wavelets, for the solution of partial differential equation to the scientists and engineers with a modest mathematical background. The objective of the book is to provide the necessary mathematical...

Metamodeling for Variable Annuities

1st Edition

Guojun Gan, Emiliano A. Valdez
July 11, 2019

This book is devoted to the mathematical methods of metamodeling that can be used to speed up the valuation of large portfolios of variable annuities. It is suitable for advanced undergraduate students, graduate students, and practitioners. It is the goal of this book to describe the computational...

Partial Differential Equations for Mathematical Physicists

1st Edition

Bijan Kumar Bagchi
July 08, 2019

Partial Differential Equations for Mathematical Physicists is intended for graduate students, researchers of theoretical physics and applied mathematics, and professionals who want to take a course in partial differential equations. This book offers the essentials of the subject with the ...

Formal Methods in Computer Science

1st Edition

Jiacun Wang, William Tepfenhart
July 03, 2019

Formal Methods in Computer Science gives students a comprehensive introduction to formal methods and their application in software and hardware specification and verification. The first part introduces some fundamentals in formal methods, including set theory, functions, finite state machines,...

Neutrices and External Numbers: A Flexible Number System

1st Edition

Bruno Dinis, Imme van den Berg
June 24, 2019

Neutrices and External Numbers: A Flexible Number System introduces a new model of orders of magnitude and of error analysis, with particular emphasis on behaviour under algebraic operations. The model is formulated in terms of scalar neutrices and external numbers, in the form of an extension of...

Partial Differential Equations: Topics in Fourier Analysis

1st Edition

M.W. Wong
June 19, 2019

Partial Differential Equations: Topics in Fourier Analysis explains how to use the Fourier transform and heuristic methods to obtain significant insight into the solutions of standard PDE models. It shows how this powerful approach is valuable in getting plausible answers that can then be justified...

Mathematics of Quantum Computation

1st Edition

Ranee K. Brylinski, Goong Chen
June 19, 2019

Among the most exciting developments in science today is the design and construction of the quantum computer. Its realization will be the result of multidisciplinary efforts, but ultimately, it is mathematics that lies at the heart of theoretical quantum computer science.Mathematics of Quantum...