Real, Complex & Functional Analysis

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Complex Variables: A Physical Approach with Applications

2nd Edition

Steven G. Krantz
May 14, 2019

Web Copy The idea of complex numbers dates back at least 300 years—to Gauss and Euler, among others. Today complex analysis is a central part of modern analytical thinking. It is used in engineering, physics, mathematics, astrophysics, and many other fields. It provides powerful tools for doing...

Handbook of Analytic Operator Theory

1st Edition

Kehe Zhu
May 06, 2019

This handbook concerns the subject of holomorphic function spaces and operators acting on them. Topics include Bergman spaces, Hardy spaces, Besov/Sobolev spaces, Fock spaces, and the space of Dirichlet series. Operators discussed in the book include Toeplitz operators, Hankel operators,...

A Transition to Proof: An Introduction to Advanced Mathematics

1st Edition

Neil R. Nicholson
April 02, 2019

A Transition to Proof: An Introduction to Advanced Mathematics describes writing proofs as a creative process. There is a lot that goes into creating a mathematical proof before writing it. Ample discussion of how to figure out the "nuts and bolts'" of the proof takes place: thought processes,...

Nonlinear Evolution and Difference Equations of Monotone Type in Hilbert Spaces

1st Edition

Behzad Djafari Rouhani, Hadi Khatibzadeh
March 21, 2019

This book is devoted to the study of nonlinear evolution and difference equations of first and second order governed by a maximal monotone operator. This class of abstract evolution equations contains not only a class of ordinary differential equations, but also unify some important partial...

Handbook of Conformal Mappings and Applications

1st Edition

Prem K. Kythe
March 04, 2019

The subject of conformal mappings is a major part of geometric function theory that gained prominence after the publication of the Riemann mapping theorem — for every simply connected domain of the extended complex plane there is a univalent and meromorphic function that maps such a domain...

Revival: Modern Analysis (1997)

1st Edition

Kenneth Kuttler
February 20, 2019

Modern Analysis provides coverage of real and abstract analysis, offering a sensible introduction to functional analysis as well as a thorough discussion of measure theory, Lebesgue integration, and related topics. This significant study clearly and distinctively presents the teaching and research...

Advanced Functional Analysis

1st Edition

Eberhard Malkowsky, Vladimir Rakočević
February 18, 2019

Functional analysis and operator theory are widely used in the description, understanding and control of dynamical systems and natural processes in physics, chemistry, medicine and the engineering sciences. Advanced Functional Analysis is a self-contained and comprehensive reference for advanced...

Measure and Probability

1st Edition

Siva Athreya, V. S. Sunder
February 07, 2019

This book covers the fundamentals of measure theory and probability theory. It begins with the construction of Lebesgue measure via Caratheodory’s outer measure approach and goes on to discuss integration and standard convergence theorems and contains an entire chapter devoted to complex measures,...

Sequential Models of Mathematical Physics

1st Edition

Simon Serovajsky
January 25, 2019

The equations of mathematical physics are the mathematical models of the large class of phenomenon of physics, chemistry, biology, economics, etc. In Sequential Models of Mathematical Physics, the author considers the justification of the process of constructing mathematical models. The book seeks...

Generalized Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions

1st Edition

Ronald E. Mickens
January 14, 2019

Generalized Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions highlights, to those in the area of generalized trigonometric functions, an alternative path to the creation and analysis of these classes of functions. Previous efforts have started with integral representations for the inverse generalized sine...

Advanced Topics in Mathematical Analysis

1st Edition

Michael Ruzhansky, Hemen Dutta
December 18, 2018

Advanced Topics in Mathematical Analysis is aimed at researchers, graduate students, and educators with an interest in mathematical analysis, and in mathematics more generally. The book aims to present theory, methods, and applications of the selected topics that have significant, useful relevance...

Analysis on Function Spaces of Musielak-Orlicz Type

1st Edition

Osvaldo Mendez, Jan Lang
December 13, 2018

Analysis on Function Spaces of Musielak-Orlicz Type provides a state-of-the-art survey on the theory of function spaces of Musielak-Orlicz type. The book also offers readers a step-by-step introduction to the theory of Musielak–Orlicz spaces, and introduces associated function spaces, extending up...