Differential Equations & Nonlinearity

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Performance Analysis and Synthesis for Discrete-Time Stochastic Systems with Network-Enhanced Complexities

1st Edition

Derui Ding, Zidong Wang, Guoliang Wei
October 11, 2018

The book addresses the system performance with a focus on the network-enhanced complexities and developing the engineering-oriented design framework of controllers and filters with potential applications in system sciences, control engineering and signal processing areas. Therefore, it provides a...

Topological Methods for Differential Equations and Inclusions

1st Edition

John R. Graef, Johnny Henderson, Abdelghani Ouahab
October 02, 2018

Topological Methods for Differential Equations and Inclusions covers the important topics involving topological methods in the theory of systems of differential equations. The equivalence between a control system and the corresponding differential inclusion is the central idea used to prove...

Green's Functions with Applications

2nd Edition

Dean G. Duffy
August 14, 2018

Since publication of the first edition over a decade ago, Green’s Functions with Applications has provided applied scientists and engineers with a systematic approach to the various methods available for deriving a Green’s function. This fully revised Second Edition retains the same purpose, but...

Ordinary Differential Equations: Applications, Models, and Computing

1st Edition

Charles Roberts
June 15, 2018

In the traditional curriculum, students rarely study nonlinear differential equations and nonlinear systems due to the difficulty or impossibility of computing explicit solutions manually. Although the theory associated with nonlinear systems is advanced, generating a numerical solution with a...

Revival: Numerical Solution Of Convection-Diffusion Problems (1996)

1st Edition

K.W. Morton
June 14, 2018

Accurate modeling of the interaction between convective and diffusive processes is one of the most common challenges in the numerical approximation of partial differential equations. This is partly due to the fact that numerical algorithms, and the techniques used for their analysis, tend to be...

Difference Equations: Theory, Applications and Advanced Topics, Third Edition

3rd Edition

Ronald E. Mickens
April 09, 2018

Difference Equations: Theory, Applications and Advanced Topics, Third Edition provides a broad introduction to the mathematics of difference equations and some of their applications. Many worked examples illustrate how to calculate both exact and approximate solutions to special classes of...

Differential Equations: A Problem Solving Approach Based on MATLAB

1st Edition

P. Mohana Shankar
March 28, 2018

The book takes a problem solving approach in presenting the topic of differential equations. It provides a complete narrative of differential equations showing the theoretical aspects of the problem (the how's and why's), various steps in arriving at solutions, multiple ways of obtaining solutions...

An Introduction to Integral Transforms

1st Edition

Baidyanath Patra
February 16, 2018

An Introduction to Integral Transforms is meant for students pursuing graduate and post graduate studies in Science and Engineering. It contains discussions on almost all transforms for normal users of the subject. The content of the book is explained from a rudimentary stand point to an advanced...

Mathematical Modeling: Branching Beyond Calculus

1st Edition

Crista Arangala, Nicolas S. Luke, Karen A. Yokley
February 06, 2018

Mathematical Modeling: Branching Beyond Calculus reveals the versatility of mathematical modeling. The authors present the subject in an attractive manner and flexibley manner. Students will discover that the topic not only focuses on math, but biology, engineering, and both social and physical...

Wavelet Methods for Solving Partial Differential Equations and Fractional Differential Equations

1st Edition

Santanu Saha Ray, Arun Kumar Gupta
January 31, 2018

The main focus of the book is to implement wavelet based transform methods for solving problems of fractional order partial differential equations arising in modelling real physical phenomena. It explores analytical and numerical approximate solution obtained by wavelet methods for both classical...

Instructors Manual to Accompany Linear Algebra and Ordinary Differential Equations

1st Edition

Jeffrey Jeffrey
December 08, 2017

First published in 1990....

An Illustrative Introduction to Modern Analysis

1st Edition

Nikolaos Katzourakis, Eugen Varvaruca
December 01, 2017

Aimed primarily at undergraduate level university students, An Illustrative Introduction to Modern Analysis provides an accessible and lucid contemporary account of the fundamental principles of Mathematical Analysis. The themes treated include Metric Spaces, General Topology, Continuity,...