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Applied Abstract Algebra with MapleTM and MATLAB®, Third Edition


Richard Klima, Neil Sigmon, Ernest Stitzinger
November 19, 2015

Applied Abstract Algebra with MapleTM and MATLAB® provides an in-depth introduction to real-world abstract algebraic problems. This popular textbook covers a variety of topics including block designs, coding theory, cryptography, and counting techniques, including Pólya's and Burnside's theorems. ...

Introduction to Enumerative and Analytic Combinatorics, Second Edition


Miklos Bona
October 2, 2015

Introduction to Enumerative and Analytic Combinatorics fills the gap between introductory texts in discrete mathematics and advanced graduate texts in enumerative combinatorics. The book first deals with basic counting principles, compositions and partitions, and generating functions. It then focuse...

A Concise Introduction to Pure Mathematics, Fourth Edition


Martin Liebeck
November 3, 2015

Accessible to all students with a sound background in high school mathematics, A Concise Introduction to Pure Mathematics, Fourth Edition presents some of the most fundamental and beautiful ideas in pure mathematics. It covers not only standard material but also many interesting topics not usually e...

R for Programmers: Mastering the Tools

Dan Zhang
January 27, 2016

Unlike other books about R, written from the perspective of statistics, R for Programmers: Mastering the Tools is written from the perspective of programmers, providing a channel for programmers with expertise in other programming languages to quickly understand R. The contents are divided into...

Algebras, Rings and Modules: Non-commutative Algebras and Rings

Michiel Hazewinkel, Nadiya M. Gubareni
January 26, 2016

The theory of algebras, rings, and modules is one of the fundamental domains of modern mathematics. General algebra, more specifically non-commutative algebra, is poised for major advances in the twenty-first century (together with and in interaction with combinatorics), just as topology, analysis,...

Handbook of Linear Partial Differential Equations for Engineers and Scientists, Second Edition

Andrei D. Polyanin, Vladimir E. Nazaikinskii
January 15, 2016

Includes nearly 4,000 linear partial differential equations (PDEs) with solutions Presents solutions of numerous problems relevant to heat and mass transfer, wave theory, hydrodynamics, aerodynamics, elasticity, acoustics, electrodynamics, diffraction theory, quantum mechanics, chemical engineering...

Business Analytics for Decision Making

Steven Orla Kimbrough, Hoong Chuin Lau
January 05, 2016

Business Analytics for Decision Making, the first complete text suitable for use in introductory Business Analytics courses, establishes a national syllabus for an emerging first course at an MBA or upper undergraduate level. This timely text is mainly about model analytics, particularly analytics...

Stochastic Volatility Modeling

Lorenzo Bergomi
January 05, 2016

Packed with insights, Lorenzo Bergomi’s Stochastic Volatility Modeling explains how stochastic volatility is used to address issues arising in the modeling of derivatives, including: Which trading issues do we tackle with stochastic volatility? How do we design models and assess their relevance...

Functional Analysis for Physics and Engineering: An Introduction

Hiroyuki Shima
December 23, 2015

This book provides an introduction to functional analysis for non-experts in mathematics. As such, it is distinct from most other books on the subject that are intended for mathematicians. Concepts are explained concisely with visual materials, making it accessible for those unfamiliar with...

Dynamical Systems for Biological Modeling: An Introduction

Fred Brauer, Christopher Kribs
December 22, 2015

Dynamical Systems for Biological Modeling: An Introduction prepares both biology and mathematics students with the understanding and techniques necessary to undertake basic modeling of biological systems. It achieves this through the development and analysis of dynamical systems. The approach...

Complex Analysis: Conformal Inequalities and the Bieberbach Conjecture

Prem K. Kythe
December 22, 2015

Complex Analysis: Conformal Inequalities and the Bieberbach Conjecture discusses the mathematical analysis created around the Bieberbach conjecture, which is responsible for the development of many beautiful aspects of complex analysis, especially in the geometric-function theory of univalent...

Graph-Based Social Media Analysis

Ioannis Pitas
December 22, 2015

Focused on the mathematical foundations of social media analysis, Graph-Based Social Media Analysis provides a comprehensive introduction to the use of graph analysis in the study of social and digital media. It addresses an important scientific and technological challenge, namely the confluence of...

Graphs & Digraphs, Sixth Edition

Gary Chartrand, Linda Lesniak, Ping Zhang
December 22, 2015

Graphs & Digraphs masterfully employs student-friendly exposition, clear proofs, abundant examples, and numerous exercises to provide an essential understanding of the concepts, theorems, history, and applications of graph theory. Fully updated and thoughtfully reorganized to make reading and...

Variational Methods in Image Processing

Luminita A. Vese, Carole Le Guyader
December 18, 2015

Variational Methods in Image Processing presents the principles, techniques, and applications of variational image processing. The text focuses on variational models, their corresponding Euler–Lagrange equations, and numerical implementations for image processing. It balances traditional...

Advanced Linear Algebra

Hugo Woerdeman
December 17, 2015

Advanced Linear Algebra features a student-friendly approach to the theory of linear algebra. The author’s emphasis on vector spaces over general fields, with corresponding current applications, sets the book apart. He focuses on finite fields and complex numbers, and discusses matrix algebra over...